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wed19apr(apr 19)2:00 pmsun23(apr 23)2:00 pmEcstatic Forest Festival 20232:00 pm - 2:00 pm (23)(GMT-05:00) Event TypeFestivalCityAustin, TexasAudienceEveryone Event Organized ByEcstatic Forest Texas


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General Admission will be $333 + $27.47 taxes + $19 fees = $379.47.


April 19, 2023 2:00 pm - April 23, 2023 2:00 pm(GMT-05:00)


Spark River Entertainment at Spiderwood Studios

140 Utley Road

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    • April 19, 2023
    • 2:00PM Gates Open
    • 7:00PM [Main Stage] Divine Feminine Opening Ceremony Prayerformance7:00PM- 8:00PM
      Speakers: Celeste Seraphim, Mika Skye, Ninii Noel, Rayne Grant
    • 8:00PM [Main Stage] Rayne.Drip8:00PM- 11:00PM
      Speakers: Rayne Grant
    • April 20, 2023
    • 10:00AM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] - Ecstatic Tai Chi10:00AM- 11:15AM

      Tai chi is fundamentally an ecstatic practice. It effectively removes blockages to the flow of energy in the body. When the energy flow of our body is unimpeded we experience a profound, deep, and calm ecstasy that is the birthright of every human being.

      By challenging our body to move in specific ways, tai chi gently moves us beyond our habitual body use into a state of freedom, inner strength, and joy. The practices taught at this workshop are simple and easy to remember so that participants will have the opportunity to continue and grow in this porfound practice long after the festival is over.

      Speakers: Devon Hornby
    • 10:00AM [Playshop Tent - Green] Ichinawa Tsunagari: One Rope Connection10:00AM- 11:15AM

      Shibari, the art of Japanese Rope Bondage takes many forms. Tying with one rope only is often called Ichinawa, from the Japanese "ichi" (one) and "nawa" (rope). The Japanese word Tsunagari is to connect or link. Participants in this workshop will explore the intricacies of navigating tying with one rope to create and build connection with their partner. Butterfly Priestess will demonstrate to participants how to use tempo, texture, and expression with a single hank of rope to invite their partners into an expansive and reciprocal experience. Participants will explore the dynamics of connection through how the body moves in flow with another and how rope can become an extension of our energetic body – allowing us to link deeply with each other through energy.

      Speakers: Butterfly Priestess
    • 10:00AM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Raise Your Vibe With EFT (Meridian Tapping)10:00AM- 11:15AM

      As humanity awakens and our collective level of consciousness advances, we have a powerful opportunity to ascend to a higher vibration...and stay there. Raising our vibe means befriending our emotions. We know that emotions carry their own frequencies and, by regulating and programming them, we can maintain a higher vibration throughout our daily activities. Also known as Meridian Tapping, EFT is a brilliant formula that can help us see our emotions clearly, accept them fully, and integrate them lovingly. If you ever feel anything less than joyful, worthy, and abundant, check out this workshop. You deserve to feel better, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a proven and effective medicine to take you there...and keep you there. If you've experienced blocks in your manifestation process, elevating your vibe through EFT could be the jolt you need to finally savor the fruition of your wildest dreams. Come see what's possible for you when you align your subconscious mind with your conscious desires. Amanda Wonderland is a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, a Somatic Therapies-Informed Yoga Instructor, a Worth & Wellness Coach, and a Transformation Facilitator. Her passion is helping people get out of their own way and step into their power, so they can finally live on purpose. She is devoted to empowering humans to reconnect to their authenticity and divinity while contributing their unique gifts to the world in a fulfilling and meaningful way - and, in doing so, we can each play our part in raising the collective vibe of Humanity.

      Speakers: Amanda Wonderland
    • 1:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Solar Eclipse I AM Activation - Yoga, Chant, Dance!1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Embody the self-empowering Aries I AM Solar Eclipse cleansing and renewing energies for activating your True Essence and Personal Power!

      Eclipses literally disrupt the flow of light earth receives, creating the opportunity to reset your mind, and your life! An Aries Solar Eclipse awakens Your Personal Unique Identity, along with flowing to you, the courage and confidence to be who YOU truly are.

      Breathe and move to the rhythm of the sacred drum, as you fill up on life-force energy during a Kundalini Yoga Set. Clear and energize each chakra, bringing them into balance, releasing tension, uplifting your frequency, creating a heightened state of relaxation, and mindful expansion.

      Activate your “cosmic hardware”, your pituitary and pineal glands, for connecting consciously with the solar eclipse energies. Fill your body-mind with its energy, flowing the eclipsing light through each chakra, enlightening your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

      I will guide you back to meditate upon your heart, awakening the portal that connects you with your Soul. Be one with your Highest Self, and with clarity, renew your intentions for living authentically, joyfully, abundantly and fully empowered.

      Together we will consciously merge our hearts, individuated, but whole, as one together in community. From this collaborative, united, juicy space, we will launch our individual intentions for ourselves, for one another, and for Ecstatic Forest Festival 2023. Finally, integrate and amply your intentions with dance and chant, to a powerful upbeat mantra, soul-fully roaring from our united uplifted hearts and expanded consciousness, together!!!

      Speakers: Kalyan Darshan
    • 1:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Hooping with Magic1:00PM- 2:15PM

      This is a hula hoop class that utilizes breathing, exercises and peaceful hooping. We will vibe with music & meditate.

      Speakers: LyRic
    • 1:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] The Global Butterfly Evolution1:00PM- 2:15PM

      We will be discussing the three stages of the butterfly evolution, and how it equates to mankind process of internal evolution. And the knowing of oneself through self actualization.

      Speakers: Coach Thomas
    • 1:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Oracle Cards for Intuitive Divination1:00PM- 2:15PM

      In this createshop, you will create your very own oracle card (or 3!) as a token from your time at Estatic Forest. Feel free to keep your cards for your own use, or to gift to someone you've connected with.

      Speakers: Rebecca Brumfield
    • 3:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Dance of the Sacred Jester3:00PM- 4:15PM

      It is the jester’s honor to carry the torch of levity into the depth of our souls. Through a playful spirit he invites our inner children to dance and freely express, to be seen with love and to shine brightly. Come be silly and feel it all. You are invited to this sacred playground!

      Speakers: Stevie Hudson
    • 3:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Introduction to Staff Spinning3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Join ZinjaFireNinja's Staff Spinning Workshop to learn fundamental movements and maneuvers with a Staff.

      Speakers: Alex Snyder
    • 3:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Feminine Ecology: Womb + Endocrine Regeneration3:00PM- 4:15PM

      In this class, you will gain a new understanding of the female-bodied human animal and our interrelations with the living world around us, with a focus on hormone balancing. We will look at the physical and the metaphysical causes of endocrine system dysfunction, including irregular menstruation, fatigue, blood sugar overload, insomnia, infertility, and more. You will learn about eating an evolutionary + constitutionally appropriate diet, herbs for feminine vitality and balance, fertility awareness for family planning, living a supportive lifestyle, and belonging and kinship in a more-than-human world. This is a holistic method of working with the earth for optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health for the feminine being.

      Speakers: Juniper Vaughn
    • 3:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] My Words ARE Poetry3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Enter the circle and throw words into the verbal brew to create as we cast our spells into the universe. You will explore the power of words, the strength of vocal performance, and the practice of daily writing. Bring your notebook and leave your self-judgments behind. Today we write for tomorrow we can be free. Your story is worthy of being told, and being shared, so lets learn to share it together.

      Speakers: Stephan Gaeth
    • 5:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Hand, Head and Forearm Balancing5:00PM- 6:15PM

      This workshop will focus on inverted balances. The instructor will share different tips and tricks to help improve one's balance in each pose. First participants will learn a variety of entrances and hand-balancing drills. Next, participants will learn head balancing variations. We will finish by working on forearm balancing. The importance of one’s base connection will be discussed throughout. Hands on and hands off adjustments will be provided.

      Speakers: ElleMental
    • 5:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Buugeng/Poi Flow5:00PM- 6:15PM

      A general flow class on prop manipulation, weaves, and plane control. A beginner-intermediate class on either buugeng or poi.

      Speakers: Cameron Vaughn
    • 5:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Cosmological Healing Arts of Cacao Rituals5:00PM- 6:15PM

      Cacao has become quite popular in recent times. In addition to being a key superfood in your longevity arsenal, it is a powerful bridge between worlds. Join Colombian medicine woman Erika Ramelli and learn the art of using cacao in ceremonies. Come discover its multidimensional powers, health benefits, and tons of fun recipes!

      Speakers: Erika Ramelli
    • 5:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Self-Love Workshop5:00PM- 6:15PM

      Using the 5 love languages to better understand how to nourish and care for yourself. These languages are further understood and talked about while we intentionally create and add beads onto the lifeline of the mala bracelet. Filling the bracelet with energy of self consideration, mantras of self-love and empowerment. In the bracelets we would include the knots and additional pendants/charms to remind the creator of their ability to create from self-love. Everyone will be able to share this profound ability we all have by gifting it or embody it by wearing it!

      Speakers: Unity Yogis
    • 8:00PM [Main Stage] Soulset Hour: Divine Dance8:00PM- 9:00PM
      Speakers: Al Jameson, DC
    • 9:00PM [Main Stage] TIMEWHEEL9:00PM- 11:30PM
      Speakers: TIMEWHEEL
    • 11:30PM [Main Stage] Damino11:30PM- 2:00AM
      Speakers: Damino
    • April 21, 2023
    • 10:00AM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Inner Flow: Shibari with Self10:00AM- 11:15AM

      Shibari, the art of Japanese Rope Bondage takes many forms. In this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in a self-tying experience focused on creating and tapping into inner flow. We will explore the dynamics of the divine feminine and divine masculine energy through our flow of giving and receiving to the self. Participants will explore how to navigate balance and harmony with the self through an authentic expression of flow.

      Speakers: Butterfly Priestess
    • 10:00AM [Playshop Tent - Green] Ayurveda Couples massage10:00AM- 11:15AM

      Practise holistic love and share the healing modality of massage with your partner. Bring towels and Oil for massage Preferred oil: coconut Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing and massage is considered one of the corner stones of preventative health. Besides the therapeutic effects of touch, massage is a modality that helps create joy, health and happiness.

      Speakers: Manpreet Sangha
    • 10:00AM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Egyptian Underworld Anointing10:00AM- 11:15AM

      At the "Egyptian Underworld Anointing" workshop you will learn to prepare your heart and body temple like Egyptian royalty did in ancient times. The purpose of this ceremony is to delve into the spirit world and activate the potential held there. This type of multidimensional healing allows the body to open to an optimal state of vitality and impact. 

      This event is designed for you to experience the kinds of lasting benefits the Pharaohs enjoyed as they prepared to ascend into The Afterlife. Even though you may not plan to transition any time soon, you can luxuriate in a lifetime aromatic path of release and ascension! You will revel in heady spiritual growth and bursts of insight as you liberate yourself from DNA corruptions that are a result of common experiences on this planet.

      Egyptians knew that re-writing the DNA expression was possible; thus, they created the ritual of emotional and trauma release.  This was recorded it in the hieroglyphics at The Temple of Karnak for all time. In this way, their society catalyzed great wisdom and was led by powerful leaders. You, Beloved, are the powerful leader of your life.

      Your experience begins with a short educational session followed by six beautiful activations for your body, mind and biofield. The freedom and ease created in Egyptian Underworld Anointing allows any pathogenic load, physical restrictions; stored trauma or trapped negative emotions you might be carrying to naturally begin to fall away.  Pure potential becomes activated and more alive in your life!

      You will love floating away from this anointing ritual with a lengthened, stronger body and radiantly open heart!

      Speakers: Araiah Jazzar
    • 1:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Sacred Feminine Dance (Belly Dance)1:00PM- 2:15PM

      It is important to balance the feminine and masculine in beings of all gender! Belly Dance incorporates specific and technical muscle isolations into a flow of movement that is so intimate with your own body that it is incredibly emotive, expressive, and powerful. This art form feels especially therapeutic because we access parts of our bodies that we otherwise ignore! Belly dance is an ancient art form that uses isolations of the hips, torso, chest/shoulders, arms, and traveling/steps, so learning this dance form will have you moving your whole body!

      1)full body stretch and warm up for belly dance!

      2)Slides! head slides, chest slides, hip slides

      3)Lifts and Drops! In chest and hips! Tribal and Traditional

      4) figure 8s mayas+taxim (normal and stepping)

      5)Circles! (And diamonds) In head, Chest, Hips! Interior (aka ummies) vs Exterior hip circles!

      6)Hip bumps (up and out) to forward and side (X1, X2, X4, walking to front)

      7) "Basic Egyptian" steps! Hip bumps to front, side, back. (In place and walking)

      8)Shimmies!!! Twist shimmy, straight leg shimmy, bent leg shimmy,

      9)Arms! Snake arms, arm positions

      10)Body Undulations! Chest undulation, pelvic undulation

      Speakers: Mystica Fiora
    • 1:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Unifying Mind and Body - Core Principles of Ki Aikido1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of ki aikido. They will learn how to coordinate mind and body in order to experience optimal ki flow between themselves and the universe. Participants are instructed on how to extend ki, while interacting with others in a positive and constructive way. Finally, participants will learn basic self-defense and nonviolent intervention tactics to provide them with a greater sense of confidence and inner-peace.

      Speakers: Ronnie Saenz
    • 1:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Mushroom Nootropics and Aphrodisiacs: A Deeper More Titillating Look Into Our Connectedness1:00PM- 2:15PM

      The Mind, Body, and Spirit are connected, and so we dive into some of the Science, Spirituality, and Tantric perspectives of how different fungi can not only heal our bodies and connect us to our Planet Earth, but also with each other.

      It is becoming more known that mushrooms play a key role in the health and well-being of our Environment, but they also play a very significant function in the health and well-being of our body systems.

      Speakers: Rayne Grant
    • 1:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Re-write Your Story.... Literally!1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Writing therapy can be life-changing. Using the written word as a tool to re-frame our more challenging experiences can empower us—leading us away from judgement and victimhood to a place of awareness and potentially even gratitude in some cases. Using the ah-ha moments April Dawn experienced while writing her fictional memoir Sandra: A Healing Reimagining of the Babysitter from Hell, she will guide you on how to begin your own healing process through writing—an accessible tool you will no longer underestimate after this workshop. You are a writer and there's no one better poised to write (or re-write) your story than you.

      Speakers: April Dawn Scheffler
    • 3:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Bollywood Bhangra Dance3:00PM- 4:15PM

      An interactive workshop with Bollywood music and dance movements. All are encouraged to dress up in their uniqueness to connect with your individual flow with or without Bollywood dance movements which will be practised together with partner, solo and group movements of not only the body, also mind and heart. A heart opening workshop which encourages deepest expressions. Option to move freely as well.

      Speakers: Manpreet Sangha
    • 3:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Contact Beyond Contact: Community Dance Journey3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a dance and healing practice that weaves together multiple movement modalities to create a holistic integration of the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. As a community we will gift each other the opportunity to express our authentic selves through our bodies. This practice invites us to playfully and energetically connect with ourselves, one another, the container, and with nature - the world beyond the means of physical contact. Everyone is welcome to come dance!

      Speakers: Stevie Hudson
    • 3:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Alchera Death Meditation3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Mindfully contemplating our own inevitable death — our finite existence, our own impermanence can help us to realize the changing nature and impermanence of all things and remind us that everything is constantly changing.

      *Please come prepared with a printed photo of yourself and a yoga mat*

      Created by Rachel Siordia

      Presented by Sara Kovash

      "The esoteric path leads to the path of dying consciously and dying consciously is ultimately the path to living consciously."

      ~ Sara Kovash

      Speakers: Sara Kovash
    • 3:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Healing with Voice! Vocal Toning & Chakra Balancing with Mini Sound Bath Guided Meditation3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Learn about the main 7 Chakras system and how you can balance and heal your chakras using your own voice. Everything starts at the subtle energetic level before it is manifested out into the material world. When something is out of balance and not in the alignment, we can determine which chakras are out of harmony and begin to heal from within.

      Join this Createshop class, thought by AsiRiana Rasa, a certified Reiki Master, Sound Healer and discover the power of your own voice for healing and transformation. Mini Sound Bath and Guided Meditation session is also added to enhance this experience!

      Speakers: AsiRiana Rasa
    • 5:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Get High On Dance5:00PM- 6:15PM

      Using ancient and natural movement patterns we will unlock and release into different "highs" of the body. Trance states, body highs, and how can we use them to better aid us. From spinning to rocking, the movement has always been used to lift dancers to higher levels of self. Beyond modern techniques and into the movements that children use, that our ancestors used before words. Bring a real trance to your dance, be sober while high, while exhausting the body and stimulating the mind and subconscious.

      Speakers: Stephan Gaeth
    • 5:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Slackline Workshop5:00PM- 6:15PM

      What is slacklining: It is the art of balancing, flowing and playing on a high tech webbing which ensures safety and security.

      Why slackline: Fun, focus, balance, fitness, freedom, friends, relaxation

      Slackline is a form a yoga where in you are challenged to stay in the present moment.

      Who can slackline: Anyone can slackline. You do not need good balance and it can be compared to learning how to ride a bike.

      Speakers: Siddhu
    • 5:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Creating Unique Mindful Events5:00PM- 6:15PM

      The universe is aligning, and the time is now to share our gifts with the world.  Learn how to effectively organize mindful events in your community from circles and workshops and ceremonies to festivals and retreats.  Understand the 10 major pitfalls to having successful events.  Learn the right questions to ask to set up your event.  Get tools in the form of people that can help you from early planning to the day of the event.

      Speakers: Al Jameson, DC
    • 8:00PM [Main Stage] Soulset Hour: Flower Empower Runway8:00PM- 9:00PM

      At Ecstatic Forest, we will always encourage you to be one of a kind. We encourage you to embody the confidence that is deep in your soul. We want to bear witness to your freedom of expression.

      At sunset, let your inner child’s dream come to life and parade your best festival ensembles on our Ecstatic Forest Runway.

      Speakers: Mika Skye
    • 9:00PM [Main Stage] Swahe9:00PM- 11:30PM
      Speakers: Swahe
    • 11:30PM [Main Stage] Naughty Princess11:30PM- 2:00AM
      Speakers: Naughty Princess
    • April 22, 2023
    • 10:00AM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Cosmic Body10:00AM- 11:15AM

      In this heart centered workshop we will create space to clear and plant seeds in the garden of our life.

      Together, we will practice kundalini yoga to balance energy and create more flexibility in our bodies.

      You will learn the basics of the cosmic cobra breath, an ancient practice to build energy in your subtle bodies and awaken your pineal and pituitary glands. The cobra breath is a tantric pranayama practice that gives you the ability to circulate energy through your body, moving energy though your whole space.

      We will integrate it all with a guided meditation and gong relaxation.

      ((75 minutes))

      Speakers: Ashley Shelton
    • 10:00AM [Playshop Tent - Green] Slowing Down, Tuning In: A Contact Improvisation Workshop10:00AM- 11:15AM

      During the festival, Takuma will lead participants through a series of exercises and improvisational scores, fostering a sense of trust, play, and physical connection with others. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to Contact Improvisation, Takuma's workshop is open to all levels and will leave you feeling energized and empowered. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field at Ecstatic Forest festival!

      Takuma is seasoned performer and teacher of Contact Improvisation. He has practiced and taught in many dance hubs around the world including Austin, Atlanta, Hawaii, Lisbon, and Guatemala. With over 5 years of experience in the dance form, Takuma brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for movement to their workshop at Ecstatic Forest festival.

      Speakers: Takuma Katagiri
    • 10:00AM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Epic Healing Meditation & Sound Bath10:00AM- 11:15AM

      Her Epic Healing Meditation starts with some soothing sound instrument healing tools to help calm you and get you aligned in the present moment, so you are able to go peacefully within. Then she walks you through a verbally guided meditation into each one of your Chaka energy centers to address each chakra, clear out old baggage and trauma, then refill with Holy Spirit to restore your original rainbow soul-light body to wholeness and purity, as well as mend your aura around you.

      Speakers: The Street Angel
    • 1:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Modern Dance1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Take some time to appreciate your body and connect with yourself through modern dance. Choreography is beginner level to insure a welcoming environment. Join us in a class filled with energy, unity and self expression.

      Speakers: That Flow Chick
    • 1:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Partner Worship : A Sensual Introduction to Tantra1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Tantra is a spiritual path to recognize the divine in ourselves and everything else. How can we bring this recognition to our touch, gaze and words as we interact with our loved ones? Learn the basics of intimacy skills that we were never taught growing up. In this introductory workshop we will play with presence, sounds, touch, words. We will learn how to feel and share consent. We will keep it PG13. There will be no sexual activity but there will be opportunity to share massage style touch. No partner required.

      Speakers: Naughty Monkey
    • 1:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Herbs and Plants Initiation for Ascended Mastery1:00PM- 2:15PM

      This workshop taught by our favorite master herbalist highlights the plants and herbs necessary to support the process of ascension by activating physical health, emotional wisdom, and spiritual connection. Learn how to make and incorporate herbal-based recipes, using whole plants, oils, and more into your rituals and daily life to balance your well-being and enhance your practice.

      Match plants with sacred codes, goddesses, and states of being and accelerate your personal mastery.

      Speakers: Erika Ramelli
    • 1:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Ecstatic Kirtan1:00PM- 2:15PM

      Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting that brings us into ecstatic bliss as we invoke our divinity within and celebrate the divinity all around us. It brings us into the One.. into the Love. Bonnie Divina Maa is both a student and teacher of Bhakti Yoga and has performed with many kirtan artists, including Bhagavan Das, Nina Rao, and the Kirtaniyas, as well as offering her own unique style of kirtan all around the world. In this workshop, we will explore this facet of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion, and raise the vibration as we unite our voices through Sanskrit chanting.

      Speakers: Bonnie Divina Maa
    • 3:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Naked Yoga for Your Next Level of Embodied Liberation3:00PM- 4:15PM

      This co-ed naked yoga ceremony is designed for you to shed layers of conditioned insecurity and activate deeper levels of self-love within. We’ll begin with an intention setting and release ritual where you will feel into what’s holding you back from your most authentic expression. You’ll then be guided to separate into men’s and women’s sides for greater safety and comfort. (All genders are welcome and allowed to self identify). Then you’ll be led in a 45 minute yoga flow rooted in self-love and surrender. If time allows, we’ll integrate together through a heart-led sharing circle. You will walk away feeling freer, lighter and embodying an unwavering love for yourself.

      Speakers: Bianca Davis
    • 3:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Move With Your Prop3:00PM- 4:15PM

      This class will go over all the ways to incorporate dance and movement into your flow arts. It is for all levels and will include all props.

      This class serves as a educational presentation to grow others as performers and to grow into more dynamic performers.

      Speakers: Dante Colmenares
    • 3:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Ancestral Healing3:00PM- 4:15PM

      Ancestral healing is the process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. Ancestral healing is especially important because we not only experience personal lived trauma, but the trauma held within our families, ancestors, and past lives. By working with spiritually vibrant ancestors, we can start to alchemizing and transmuting patterns of pain and abuse, to gradually reclaim the inherent ancestral gift of our families.

      * explore what ancestral healing is and how it can aid your spiritual path

      * recognize how unresolved ancestral wounds have impacted your life and end the cycles of ancestral trauma

      * learn how to use rituals and practical exercises to honor and communicate with your ancestors

      * balance your physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing through sound healing, breath work, and guided meditation designed to transmute ancestral wounds

      Speakers: Melanin Lion
    • 3:00PM [Createshop Tent - Yellow] Cultivating Your Unique Herbal Medicinals3:00PM- 4:15PM

      In this class, you will learn all about herbs and their physical and energetic effects on the human body, as well as how to identify your own body's unique constitution. For those who want to harvest or grow their own herbs, there will also be a discussion on sustainability, wildcrafting, and harvesting with respect and reciprocity. With this knowledge, we will discuss the best herbs for your energetic needs for systemic balance. You will walk away with your own herbal tea formula as well as an understanding of nature's medicinal allies and how to work with them to address any ailment or desire!

      Speakers: Juniper Vaughn
    • 5:00PM [Danceshop Tent - Blue] Dance Movement Therapy5:00PM- 6:15PM

      Dance Movement Therapy is a unique way to de-stress & express yourself through therapeutic movement designed to heal the mind & body. Dance Therapy is the use of body movements as a way of communication and expression, utilizing a process in which a teacher assists the integration of physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of an individual. Dance Therapy is not just about dance, but about connecting the body, mind and spirit and healing them through dance.

      Speakers: Stephy Rose
    • 5:00PM [Playshop Tent - Green] Wings Not Required: Fly with Acro Yoga!5:00PM- 6:15PM

      This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful practice of Acro! Discover your inner child and help others fly high. Build partnerships and trust as you discover new poses and transitions. Play is always more fun with others!

      Speakers: Fadi Hamdan
    • 5:00PM [Thinkshop Tent - Red] Osho's Dynamic Meditation5:00PM- 6:15PM

      Dynamic Meditation is a meditation technique developed by the Indian spiritual teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho. It is a form of active meditation that involves a series of stages and is typically done early in the morning.

      The stages of Dynamic Meditation include:

      Breathing: Participants begin by focusing on their breath and letting go of any thoughts or distractions.

      Venting: In this stage, participants are encouraged to express any negative emotions or pent-up energy through shouting, dancing, or other physical movements.

      Stilling: After the "venting" stage, participants enter a period of stillness, focusing on their inner experience and allowing any thoughts or feelings to arise without judgment.

      Celebration: The final stage involves celebrating and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to meditate and connect with one's true self. This may involve dancing, singing, or other forms of self-expression.

      Dynamic Meditation is intended to help individuals release tension and negative emotions, and to tap into a state of relaxation and awareness.

      Speakers: Lucid Love
    • 8:00PM [Main Stage] Soulset Hour: Glow-Up Affirmation8:00PM- 9:00PM
      Speakers: Ninii Noel
    • 9:00PM [Main Stage] Honest9:00PM- 11:30PM
      Speakers: Honest
    • 11:30PM [Main Stage] Mose featuring AsiRiana11:30PM- 2:00AM
      Speakers: AsiRiana Rasa, Mose
    • April 23, 2023
    • 12:00PM [Main Stage] Divine Masculine Closing Ceremony12:00PM- 1:00PM
      Speakers: Al Jameson, DC

Entertainers and Presenters

  • Al Jameson, DC

    Al Jameson, DC

    Founder - Dragonfly Fest

    Unique Mindful Events

    Al Jameson is a
    mindful event coach, transformational festival organizer, and yoga
    instructor.  Contributing to and hosting
    transformational events has become his calling. 
    He has been in the event industry for over 15 years.  Al noticed so many amazing conscious
    community leaders with beautiful offerings that were missing practical
    guidance, tools, and support in turning mindful events into a sustainable
    endeavor, so he founded Unique Mindful Events, an online mindful event coaching
    and ticketing service, to support the community.  When he’s not at a festival, Al is traveling
    in his van, hiking in nature, playing board games, or singing karaoke.


    Founder - Dragonfly Fest

  • Alex Snyder

    Alex Snyder

    Playshop Presenter

    Alex Snyder, or Zinja, is the founder of RadiantSolz Entertainment LLC out of Dallas, TX. He’s been an actor/performer for 15+yrs in the haunted house industry but has transitioned into performing flow arts over the last 3yrs. His prop of choice is the contact staff but is also proficient in double staves, dragonstaff, fire breathing, fire eating, and other specialty performances. For the first year and a half of picking up spinning he drilling speed staff techniques daily and found a natural adaptation to the prop.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Amanda Wonderland

    Amanda Wonderland

    Thinkshop Presenter


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • April Dawn Scheffler

    April Dawn Scheffler

    Createshop Presenter


    Createshop Presenter

  • Araiah Jazzar

    Araiah Jazzar

    Thinkshop Presenter

    Araiah Jazzar is a Bioenergetic Healer and founder of Unity Biofeedback. Araiah uses quantum methods like remote biofeedback frequencies, essential oils and ancient healing codes to help people clear mental chatter and amplify their impact. Her clients enjoy living with freedom from trapped, negative emotions, DNA triggers, and negative ancestral influences.

    Araiah’s joy is creating conscious events to strengthen communities around the world that are dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. It is important to her to share unique tools, methods, opportunities, and techniques that equip individuals to prosper on all levels.
    Her focus is developing and walking out individual and group growth tracks, encouraging them to become powerfully gifted healers, even if it’s just for themselves. It is her greatest gift to see people open their spiritual potential as their God-given brain structures come alive to further serve and support their life’s purpose!


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Ashley Shelton

    Ashley Shelton

    Danceshop Presenter


    Danceshop Presenter

  • AsiRiana Rasa

    AsiRiana Rasa

    Ecstatic Dance DJ

    AsiRiana Rasa is an artist, producer, DJ, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, transformational coach and a lightworker. As a survivor with 2 NDE, her mission became very clear, utilizing all her gifts and experiences to help others heal, and to transform their lives. She has facilitated many Sound Bath, Ecstatic Dance and healing circles. She’s also been featured in various festivals and events.

    Formerly an accomplished recording artist and a performer pursuing her success in mainstream music industry, a sudden tragedy and incidents have led her to severe depression, hearing loss and nearly losing her voice, unable to perform for a very long time. During her soul searching and recovery, she later discovered holistic healing modalities such as energy healing and got fascinated especially with sound healing. AsiRiana was convinced and took it to heart from Edgar Casey’s quote “Sound will be the medicine of the future” and Terrance McKenna’s quote “The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. If artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”

    She actively hosts and facilitate sound bath and healing events beside coaching and private healing sessions.


    Ecstatic Dance DJ

  • Bianca Davis

    Bianca Davis

    Danceshop Presenter

    Bianca Davis is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives that are balanced and centered around joy. She does that through teaching yoga, personal training, somatic healing and coaching clients in nutrition and wellness at her company East Meets West Training. She is passionate about helping clients fall deeply in love with themselves. Inspired through her own healing journey with yoga, Bianca shares an authentic and embodied yoga practice that is accessible to all. Her healing journey began with a narcolepsy diagnosis in 2013 that led her to travel to India in 2014 to study under a guru. Within 21 days, Bianca was completely symptom free and off of all medication. That was her 1st yoga miracle. Her second came from having yoga as a close friend and companion that helped her heal from narcissistic abuse in 2016. Without yoga, Bianca might not be here today. Her third Yoga miracle came later as a reclamation of her body from years of chronic pain and fatigue. She now teaches yoga for pain management to clients all over the world. Another passion Bianca holds close to her heart is the practice of naked yoga. Practicing in the nude allows for a deeper connection to the sensory experience within and allowed Bianca to work through and heal her eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Knowing firsthand the struggle that many women face of not loving every inch of their skin, she shares this practice with Goddesses in the Houston area. She brings this practice to you, in a co-ed environment, outside, in the nature, at Ecstatic Forest Fest TX. This is Bianca’s 2nd year at Ecstatic Forest Festival.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Bonnie Divina Maa

    Bonnie Divina Maa

    Createshop Presenter

    Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, E-RYT 500, is a Medicine Woman, Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Integration Specialist, Author, and Singer/Songwriter. Her healing practice has a global reach and she is on countless panels and podcasts speaking about visionary medicines and the importance of integration. In addition to singing in medicine ceremonies all over the world, she also leads kirtan and medicine song circles in festivals and gatherings worldwide and has performed with many artists including Bhagavan Das, Nina Rao, and Mose. Bonnie is passionate about the voice as medicine and weaves voice activation work into all of the healing work she does. Both her Embodied Voice Activation workshop and song circles have helped many people reestablish the mind-heart connection as they rediscover the healing power of their own voice.


    Createshop Presenter

  • Butterfly Priestess

    Butterfly Priestess

    Danceshop and Playshop Presenter

    Danceshop and Playshop Presenter

  • Cameron Vaughn

    Cameron Vaughn

    Playshop Presenter

    I have been practicing poi and buugeng for about 9 years and have many years of experience teaching various flow and prop manipulation. I facilitate classes at a psychiatric hospital where I work as well as other festivals and events. I also have been facilitating guided mindfulness meditations, and sensory sound healing sessions for the past 7 years.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Celeste Seraphim

    Celeste Seraphim

    Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

  • Coach Thomas

    Coach Thomas

    Thinkshop Presenter and Main Stage Sponsor

    Coach Thomas, is an honorable military veteran , loving father of four, and serves the people with Urunmilla under Olodumare.

    He is a holistic life coach who focuses on healing, the mental and spiritual components of mankind.

    Thinkshop Presenter and Main Stage Sponsor

  • Damino


    Main Stage Musician

    Damino is a DJ, multi-instrumentalist and producer based out of ATX. They use live instruments, their voice and mantras during their sets to curate a unique inter-dimensional experience. Their genres range from Nu Funk/Disco, to Tribal and Tropical House. Their main goal is to connect the body to one’s soul through movement. They deeply believe that movement can further heal our bodies by releasing stress and stagnant energy. Dayann Pazmino is also a certified 200HR Ashtanga yoga teacher and brings that practice into the ecstatic dance spaces they create.Damino has played in regional festivals, local clubs and venues such as the Native hostel, Indras Awarehouse, East Austin Hotel, Studio San Martian and the Davenport in San Marcos TX.


    Main Stage Musician

  • Dante Colmenares

    Dante Colmenares

    Playshop Presenter

    Dante is a professional fire performer from Mexico City. He loves to share the beautiful art of movement and connect with others through this sacred form of expression.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Devon Hornby

    Devon Hornby

    Danceshop Presenter

    Devon’s goal in life is to foster and encourage personal growth and the realization of optimal human potential.

    Devon has devoted many years to the practice and study of tai chi and qigong. He is a licensed massage therapist and a highly regarded healing arts practitioner. He is dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that is in accord with the universal principles of integrity, inner strength and personal transformation. Devon has taught internal gongfu (tai chi, yi quan, qigong) for over 20 years and is founder of Tao Health Clinic and Integral Chuan Austin. He is an instructor under Sifu Fong Ha one of the worlds great masters of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Yiquan.

    Devon has studied with a number of great teachers over the years including masters of qigong, meditation, healing, and martial arts. He synthesizes the essence of what he has learned in a practical and straightforward manner. He emphasizes practicality and functionality so that what he teaches can be applied in one’s daily life to improve health, foster wellbeing, and achieve one’s full potential as a human being.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • ElleMental


    Danceshop Presenter

    I live in Houston, TX where I teaches kids gymnastics by day and performs a variety of circus arts by night. Constantly trying to improve, I am in and out of arial classes and watch my fair share of how to videos on YouTube. I started playing with props when I was about 11 or 12 and since then I have been absolutely in love. I have always been attracted to movement arts. I started gymnastics when I was very young and have done many other things such as color guard, dance, aerial arts ect. I am the director at a gymnastics academy and have been teaching gymnastics for 8 years. This has given me a lot of experience in teaching and figuring out the best way to break things down differently for people.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Erika Ramelli

    Erika Ramelli

    Thinkshop Presenter

    The Better Humans Institute for Consciousness and Vibrational Mastery

    Erika Ramelli is an International Wellness Consultant, Author, Energy Healer, Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Lifestyle Educator and founder of The Better Humans Institute for Consciousness and Vibrational Mastery. Her unique holistic approaches to stress management and integral health, have helped thousands of individuals around the globe. positioning this intuitive visionary as a preferred private coach to executives, CEO’s and leading corporations of the Forbes and Fortune lists.Born a healer with hyper sensory clairvoyant and channeling abilities, this medicine woman of Swiss-Colombian origin, has been meditating and making plant remedies since childhood. Her empowering “Next-Level” Wellness Programs are energizing, infused with laughter, intention and plenty of life-enhancing insights, to be happy, healthy and abundant.She is a true asset to those ready to embark on a conscious journey to Self-Mastery!


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Fadi Hamdan

    Fadi Hamdan

    Danceshop Presenter

    The only time Fadi stands still is when he’s holding a handstand. When not inverted on his hands, he is most likely on his back sharing one of his latest Acro creations with flyers. Fadi’s passion for Acro and meticulous attention to detail and technique got him into teaching and he’s been doing so since 2013, from small privates to national festivals. He is very active on instagram as @acromegaman with new creations and flows. Fadi is an AcroRevolution certified teacher and never misses opportunities to grow and learn.

    Danceshop Presenter

  • Honest


    Main Stage Musician

    Honest’s music is inspired from cultures across the globe and sounds from many genres. His songs are the perfect integration of earthy soundscapes blended with otherworldly atmospheres. His current exploration of music has been influenced by Bonobo, Affelaye, & Disclosure. From blending house drums with Peruvian flutes to meshing dubstep basslines with ethereal kirtan-like chanting, Honest’s live and DJ sets are always a journey to experience.

    Main Stage Musician

  • Juniper Vaughn

    Juniper Vaughn

    Createshop Presenter

    Juniper is an artist, an herbalist, and a practitioner of spiritual ecology and holistic medicine. She is earning a BS in Environmental Health & Wellness at Unity College as well as medical herbalism online at the Herbal Academy and has received certification at an herbalism apprenticeship program in Costa Rica. Some of her most recent work has centered around women’s health and spirituality and holistic cancer care. A student at heart, her vision includes community care and needs-based services as well as stewardship of the land, reminding people of their kinship with the natural world so that both humans and planet can thrive. Her work is built on the ethics and principles of permaculture and earth-based traditions and philosophies, particularly those of her native land and Northwestern European ancestors. When she is not studying, she is tending to land and plants and her 4-year-old son, reading a book, writing and cooking. She also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, camping, drawing/painting and dancing. You can learn more about Juniper’s work on IG: @junipervaughnn

    Createshop Presenter

  • Kalyan Darshan

    Kalyan Darshan

    Danceshop Presenter

    Meet Kalyan Darshan, musical mystic stargazer, peace-maker and soulful trailblazer. Embodying the vitality of a Kundalini Yogini, and emanating the wisdom of the celestial rhythms, Kalyan Darshan is inspired to inspire. Transcending the ordinary, with an authentic love of humanity, her journey transforms lives, nurturing and celebrating our collective evolution as we enter Age of Aquarius.

    With an extensive background as a kundalini and somatic yoga teacher, astrologer, meditation and mantra guide, Kalyan Darshan facilitates immersive transformational events. Since their beginnings in 2014, these soul-awakening, revitalizing, dynamic journeys are uniquely created for tribal gatherings, festivals, and hi-energy astrological events, all dedicated to supporting and celebrating the conscious awakening of humanity.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Lucid Love

    Lucid Love

    Thinkshop Presenter

    James Ratliff
    James is 700HR RYT specializing in Hatha Yoga.
    He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interfaith Divinity studying the many truths of the world and how they are related.
    James believes that all spiritual paths spring forth from the same well of divine being and brings the essence of many traditions to his classes and workshops.

    James has served and studied in various parts of the world having finished his yoga studies in Nepal, being a member of Performers Without borders in Africa, and leading various retreats throughout Central America, Nepal, Isreal, Jordan, and Turkey
    His main teachings focus on how to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a joyful heart.


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • LyRic


    Playshop Presenter

    Peace , I’m LyRic Da Fairy Godmotha. I am a light worker which simply means I intentionally strive to make the world a better place by simply living in my truths. I remember having dark times. I remember being sad and feeling hopeless. But somewhere on my healing journey , I realized I wanted to share these tools with others. And that’s where my purpose began. I found magic in playing outside , freeing my mind and being honest with the pain. In the activities I offer and my inventory of the store , I share with you , many of the things I have grown to love. I teach & share because it saved it from me & maybe it will save you from you. A fairy God motha comes into your simply to sprinkle a little magic in your life. I have been in business over 5 years , I have traveled and shared with many. Between my hula hoops and my Waistbeads I make my product by hand with 100% love.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Manpreet Sangha

    Manpreet Sangha

    Danceshop Presenter

    “Preet is a holistic health coach, LMT, Kundalini yoga teacher and an Ayurveda specialist. She conducts wellness retreats and meditation camps at her home studio in Katy Texas and in her village in India. She is vending here as well! Ayurveda massage and treats! She welcomes a visit from all and is happy to share and engage from the heart… find her before the workshop if you have any questions.
    Also, speak to her about the India Trip for December 2024! Preet is ecstatic about it!

    She is passionate about creating joy with community home with Aum🙏🏼
    Sangha Yogyurveda is her holistic wellness initiative. Her vision is to create Sat-Sangha ; community space that come from the spirit of love, joy and togetherness. “

    Danceshop Presenter

  • Melanin Lion

    Melanin Lion

    Playshop Presenter

    Children of the Sun, bearers of ancient wisdom encoded in the depths of their Melanin, embody the essence of all creation. In the tapestry of our souls, the Melanin holds the key to reawakening ancestral knowledge. Lion, from his earliest days, felt an unyielding yearning to immerse himself in the untamed embrace of nature. Returning home, marked by the wilderness, battered yet infused with the scent of trees, grass, and sweat – the fragrance of the wild embedded in his very being. Lion’s journey has been a continuous response to this primal call.
    With a heart tuned to the rhythm of the wild, Lion intertwines a passion for the untamed with a profound love for herbs. His story unfolds against a backdrop of wild landscapes, psychology, astrology, and the rich tapestry of African and Cherokee culture, all threads woven into a vibrant connection with the Higher Self. Lion, guided by the footprints left by Ancestors, navigates a path toward oneness, offering products infused with the spirit of the wilderness and the healing essence of herbs.


    Playshop Presenter

  • Mika Skye

    Mika Skye

    Co-Founder - Ecstatic Forest Festival

    Mikayla is always compelled to regenerate, restore and care for others. After years of healing in medicine, mental health, and hospice as a registered nurse, she realized what was missing in the Western Medicine she knew so well. She found that the self is truly more than human body systems but encompasses the full mind, body, and soul. Mikayla sought to provide care that was holistic and balanced. She took a new approach to life and began to study all 5 aspects of holistic health; Physical, Emotional, Social, Mental and Spiritual.

    Through her love of mindfulness, empathy, and holistic perspective, Mikayla felt drawn to hosting an event like Ecstatic Forest. An event in which the community could come together with open minds and heal through sacredness, music & movement, leaving all societal judgements at the door.

    Co-Founder - Ecstatic Forest Festival

  • Mose


    Main Stage Musician

    “Great music is that which carries the present minded listener to the doorstep ofinfinity. All music already exists – the musician is here in service to remove a bit ofthe veil and let some of it through into this physical space. Through the use of asteady hypnotic beat, paired with ethereal voices and melodies we can releaseinto the void and remember who we are – we are one.”Mose is based in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance havehad a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he foundedregular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity tojourney deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol.Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weavesephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion,often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connectedwith that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set afoundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state whichoffers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose.When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, hespends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emergewith a deeper, truer and more refined sound. He also supports other emergingartists through his record label Resueño with an intention to bring resonant soulstogether to create music that uplifts and inspires. The label transcends anyparticular cultural aesthetic and explores a universal vibration through weavingsounds and languages from around the world. It is also a vehicle for social causesas 50% of all label profits are donated to causes around the world to help thosemost in need.


    Main Stage Musician

  • Mystica Fiora

    Mystica Fiora

    Danceshop Presenter

    Mystica is professional performer who offers fire, LED, belly dance, day flow and gogo dancing at public and private events! She has been doing flow arts and belly dance both for about 9 years, and has been taking dance classes since childhood.
    She teaches belly dance, fans, and poi classes in Austin TX and has more than 5 years of experience teaching movement/dance arts. She likes to bring her enthusiasm for life and passion for what she loves to others by teaching and performing as much as possible. She does her best to bring ecstatic energy to every gathering so that others can be inspired to be their best selves.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Naughty Monkey

    Naughty Monkey

    Playshop Presenter

    Naughty Monkey is a Tantra Permissionist. Born and raised in India. He found Tantra in Austin and it has been a big part of his healing from a divorce and learning the Art of Intimacy with self, others and the universe.


    Playshop Presenter

  • Naughty Princess

    Naughty Princess

    Main Stage Musician

    Naughty Princess brings the dance floor heat, weaving beautiful eastern melodies over trap and hip hop beats, and delivers the freshest bass music with her unique style and energetic performance. Her goal is to create that magical dance floor experience where people really let loose, express themselves, and dance their hearts out! This experience is her biggest joy, and she also believes it’s deeply transformational for people to connect with their inner spark, their body and movement, and with the community! Naughty Princess has become notorious for her ability to blend orchestral sounds and Eastern elements with the fattest urban beats and bass drops! Her sound is diverse yet distinctive – evocative female vocals soar over rumbling 808s, violins build, crescendo and drop into gangsta beats, delicate sitar leads blend into searing electronic riffs which soon have the dance floor heaving! Based in LA, Naughty Princess is all about music which lights you up and moves you to get down!!


    Main Stage Musician

  • Ninii Noel

    Ninii Noel

    Co-Founder - Ecstatic Forest Festival

    Ever since NiNii was a child, she knew she had a calling to heal others. In 2016, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant and then in 2019, she became a Registered Nurse. Even in Nursing School, she knew she did not belong in the modern medicine practice and aimed to become a Holistic Nurse. She began practicing meditation at 16 years old and when she became a nurse, she started to educate her patients on the holistic healing aspects of meditation and breathwork. In 2021, she moved to Texas and began facilitating weekly breathwork and meditation session at The Monkey Tree. During her life, music was always an important part of her life and she loved to dance, but feared the judgement of others. In 2021, she discovered Ecstatic Dance and that it is a judgement-free/safe space and by practicing this daily, she instantly blossomed. Ecstatic Dance and inner-child play gave her not only pure bliss and confidence, but also the strong ability to connect with herself, others, and her Higher Self. During this time, she also started practicing Tantra. Tantra gave her a new aspect on life in that we are all connected to the Universe and how important love, connection, sensuality, and intimacy is. After discovering the healing powers of Ecstatic Dance and Tantra, she made it her duty to show the world this, but she also wanted to intigrate all the things she loved that has helped her grow to become the Magical Love Fairy that she is: holistic healing, spirituality, music, community, and event planning. That is when she knew that her life path was to host Ecstatic Forest Festival!

    Co-Founder - Ecstatic Forest Festival

  • Rayne Grant

    Rayne Grant

    Thinkshop Presenter and Main Stage Musician

    Rayne Grant is a woman of many talents: mother, mycologist, film maker, music producer, educator, psychedelic therapy researcher, medical intuitive, and an intimacy coach in training. Rayne has been studying all things fungi since 2012 and has a love of the health and well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. She has been studying roles that fungi play in all of this.Rayne is an independent documentary film maker and has been producing the film, “Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?” which is getting close to completion. She is the founder of the Four Corners Mycological Society as well as the President of the Non-Profit Organization: The Psychedelic Club of Durango – Entheogenic Leading Edge. She organizes meetings and podcasts surrounding these topics.Having a strong love of Mycology, she started the Colorado Mushroom Company, LLC in 2018, and has been making mushroom medicinals for the publicRayne Grant is a woman to be reckoned with. In her roles as mother and mycologist, film maker and music producer, as educator and as a psychedelic therapy researcher, an intuitive and intimacy coach in training, she has touched the lives of thousands of people whose lives she has brightened by her intent attention and want to aid those who come to ask. Rayne takes each encounter as not only an opportunity, but a chance to connect and make the lives of those who meet her made better by her presence.Having committed herself to the study of mycology for over a decade, Rayne is in a unique position to teach the world at large about the world-changing opportunities and effects that the kingdom fungi have to offer significant sections of our planet, its people, and their day to day lives. From de-desertification to psychological well-being, she has an intuitive sense of the impact that our attention to the fruiting bodies of underground networks have to offer the human race and its ability to change the planet around the peoples of the world. All human activity can be likened to the organic model, and none so efficient as the single-celled walls of mycelial structures.


    Thinkshop Presenter and Main Stage Musician

  • Rebecca Brumfield

    Rebecca Brumfield

    Createshop Presenter


    Createshop Presenter

  • Ronnie Saenz

    Ronnie Saenz

    Playshop Presenter

    Ronnie Saenz is a professional counselor, martial artist and flow performer. Ronnie has attained the rank of shodan (black belt) in Ki Aikido, and has practiced flow and martial arts for over a decade. As a licensed mental health professional, Ronnie uses the fundamental principles of aikido and flow arts to guide his clients through a unique path to inner peace and wellness.


    Playshop Presenter

  • Sara Kovash

    Sara Kovash

    Thinkshop Presenter

    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Siddhu


    Playshop Presenter

    Playshop Presenter

  • Stephan Gaeth

    Stephan Gaeth

    Danceshop and Createshop Presenter

    Stephan is an award winning dancer and choreographer, and renowned Texas creative. Poet, actor, palm reader and community organizer Stephan has been a powerhouse in his local area and enjoys helping whenever possible.


    Danceshop and Createshop Presenter

  • Stephy Rose

    Stephy Rose

    Danceshop Presenter

    Stephy Rose has been dancing through life since she was 3 years old, studying classical ballet, modern, jazz, tap & aerial. She has incorporated her passion for creative movement into every aspect of life as a Dance Teacher, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Special Education Public School Educator for over 15 years. She’s had the honor of performing with The Royal Ballet of London with her former dance company SA Metropolitan Ballet, the privilege of studying under renowned teachers through Regional Dance America, and the joy of spreading her love of dance choreography across different movement genres such as acro & aerial arts.

    Danceshop Presenter

  • Stevie Hudson

    Stevie Hudson

    Danceshop and Playshop Presenter

    Stevie is an Austin based temple builder who believes the first temple to focus on is the temple of our hearts. Whether it be through building, sound healing or dancing – his playful spirit is felt through fun, loving, present connection. He creates safe containers to explore the depths of self with community, always keeping a rubber chicken handy for a little levity. He knows one good laugh can change the world!

    Danceshop and Playshop Presenter

  • Swahe


    Main Stage Musician

    Swahé is a Kundalini Yogi and Kirtan leader that has evolved into a prolific Ecstatic Dance DJ. He has played at Festivals and Ecstatic Dances all around the world, bringing Kundalini Awakening Tribal Bass that is inspired by the Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indigenous Music that is in his blood.He has been a touring Yoga teacher and Kirtan leader for 14 years, and is the Creator of the Gaia Dance Temple in Lago Atitlan, The Golden Temple – Atitlan, and Embodiment Ecstatic Dance Festival.


    Main Stage Musician

  • Takuma Katagiri

    Takuma Katagiri

    Playshop Presenter

    Meet Takuma, a multi-talented artist who is known for their dynamic and engaging performances. As a DJ, Takuma has a unique ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a captivating soundscape that keeps audiences engaged and dancing. They also specialize in fire performances, adding an extra layer of excitement to their sets and leaving audiences in awe. As a facilitator of dance events, Takuma is known for creating a safe and inclusive space where people can let loose and have fun. He runs Pure Ecstatic here in Austin, which is an organization dedicated to creating intentional dance containers. With years of experience in music, dance, and performance, Takuma is a true master of their craft and always leaves audiences wanting more.

    Playshop Presenter

  • That Flow Chick

    That Flow Chick

    Danceshop Presenter

    With a background of Dance, Flow arts and Gymnastics you are in for some unique lessons. She has been sharing her passions through instruction over the last 7 years. With various forms of self expression you are in for a connection of mind, body and spirit.

    Danceshop Presenter

  • The Street Angel

    The Street Angel

    Zenshop Presenter


    Zenshop Presenter



    Main Stage Musician

    TIMEWHEEL has hosted Ecstatic Dance in Austin beginning in late 2020. Bringing a fresh spin to medicine music, tribal trap, organica and downtempo, TIMEWHEEL creates a music journey for listeners and dancers to fall into.

    Main Stage Musician

  • Unity Yogis

    Unity Yogis

    Createshop Presenter


    Createshop Presenter

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