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Dragonfly Fest • April 16-20, 2025


Express your TRUE SELF, discover curated experiences, reconnect with nature, find your people, and deeply and meaningfully transform your soul.

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What is Dragonfly Fest?

Dragonfly Fest is a 5-day transformational festival with a dance and movement soul in the heart of Texas. Heal, camp, and connect with friends while dancing, playing, flowing, learning, creating, and meditating in our unique 75-minute workshop offerings and celebrate each evening with 5 hours of ecstatic dance music by some of the best artists around.

I just had to share about my recent experience at the Dragonfly Fest. It was truly incredible! I went in with an open heart and came out feeling like a completely new person. The atmosphere was magical, filled with kind and genuine people who were all there to connect, share, and embrace the spirit of the festival. I felt a sense of belonging and positivity that was unlike any experience before.
The connections I made were beyond words. Dancing in the rain was incredible. Every interaction felt meaningful and authentic. I met so many inspiring individuals. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who organized and contributed to making Dragonfly Fest such an amazing event. Your hard work and dedication created an environment where people could come together, let go, and grow. It truly was a transformative experience for me, and I can't wait to carry this newfound energy and connection forward in my life.
If anyone has the chance to attend next year, I highly recommend it. It's not just a festival—it's a journey of self-discovery and community unlike any other.

Cassy O.

Dragonfly Fest was so so amazing. I didn’t know what to expect going in, and can’t believe I got to experience what I did. Definitely will be there to support next year too. It’s hard to put into words but I feel so connected to myself, so expanded and grounded, still days later I find myself moving more slowly and intentionally and heart-first 🧬✨🌱🌎⭐️🪐🪄 I’m so thankful we had that beautiful space for everyone to express themself authentically, and every facilitator I spent time with gave me so much applicable wisdom that I’ve already shared with people in my life. My cup is bigger to pour from, and I feel more loving and graceful and connected to source and my relationships. The people who came to the event really modeled for me the mindfulness I want to experience life with so I appreciate the group you cultivated. I can’t wait to watch this festival grow and blossom and share the magic with more and more people every year!🥰

Natalie R.

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Dragonfly Fest - Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance

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Morning Yoga

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