Should I bring cash?

Food and other vendors at the festival will have their own payment methods and will be a mix of cash, card, and other digital transactions.  We would suggest bringing some cash just in case vendors have difficulty connecting to the internet to run cards and other digital transactions.

What is the food situation?

As a camping festival, you will definitely be able to bring any and all food you wish. We just ask that you minimize or eliminate the use of glass bottles and containers for your safety and those around you. There will also be multiple food, drink, and dessert vendors on-site at the festival, so you don’t have to bring any food.

What happens if the event gets postponed due to weather or COVID?

We live in very uncertain times, and many events have had to shift event dates for many different reasons. All tickets will remain valid for any new date set for the festival in the case that the event time changes. Please keep in mind that like any other large event, we have a no refund policy even if the event date changes. You can use the ticket on the new date if we postpone, or you can transfer the ticket to someone else (sell or give).

What is your COVID policy and health guidelines?

We believe in adults making adult decisions for themselves and their personal autonomy. That being said, we ask all individuals to take common-sense precautions. Please do not attend the festival if you have symptoms of any illness. Being an outdoor event, everyone is encouraged to make personal decisions about social distancing and mask wearing. We have a strong consent-based culture and therefore any individual’s space and personal autonomy must be honored.  Depending on the state of COVID and other diseases at the time of the festival or any state or local guidelines that may be implemented between now and the dates of the festival, Ecstatic Forest reserves the right to check temperatures at the door, require recent negative COVID tests, or any other measures we feel are necessary to ensure the safety of our attendees. No refunds will be issued for attendees that are unable to attend due to COVID or any other reasons or that refuse to abide by any policies we put in place. However, tickets are transferrable to others (sell or give).

How can I help promote Ecstatic Forest Festival?

  1. Add us on Facebook and Instagram at @EcstaticForestTX and share the posts that inspire you.
  2. Add us on Twitter @EcstaticForest and share the posts that inspire you.
  3. Join our ambassador program and earn a commission by helping us sell tickets to the festival.  We will show you how.

What types of workshops can I expect at Ecstatic Forest?

Our main workshop theme is movement and interactivity.  There will be 48 workshops divided into 4 workshop tents, so at any workshop time, you will have 4 options to choose from.

  • Danceshop Tent – Individual movement
  • Playshop Tent – Partner or group movement or movement with flow props
  • Thinkshop Tent – Meditation, presentations, miscellaneous
  • Createship Tent – Make art, music, writing, and more

All workshops will be 75 minutes in length with plenty of transition time from one workshop to the next for you to socialize, get food, shop at the vendor bazaar, or rest mindfully with what you just learned.  The workshop schedule will be released on February 19.

What type of evening entertainment can I expect at Ecstatic Forest?

Each evening will feature 2 DJ’s or live bands performing 2.5 hour deep dive sets with an ecstatic dance format or vibe.  The vibe will be broad with spiritual, world, Afro-Latin, electronic, and trance influences.  The first set will be from 9 PM to 11:30 PM and the second set will be from 11:30 PM to 2 AM.  We will have one set on Wednesday evening after the opening ceremony, so please come early.  There will be a mix of headliners and up and coming artists.  We promise you will love the lineup.  The lineup will be revealed in early 2023.  Once the lineup is revealed, the admission ticket price will go up to the next tier.

Can I be nude at Ecstatic Forest?

We honor the right of full self-expression at Ecstatic Forest.  However, since we will have photographers and videographers documenting the event for future promotional purposes, we will be creating a nudity zone near the river.  Also, stay tuned for the workshop schedule for possible clothing-optional offerings.

What should I wear to Ecstatic Forest?

The theme this year is Summer of Love, so come at your full expression and dress up or down as much as you desire.  The forest will be lit up with colorful lights at night, and we would love for you to add to that color with neon colors or clothes that shine under a black light while also wearing LED lights or environmentally responsible glow sticks.

Tickets and Admissions

How can I buy a ticket?

The only way to buy a ticket will be via the payment options available on the ticket page on the Unique Mindful Events website.  Accepted forms of payment include major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal Pay Later.  There will be no cash ticket purchases on-site or elsewhere.  The box office is your phone or computer.

The ticket checkpoint at the festival will only be to check people in who have already purchased tickets, so please purchase your tickets prior to arriving at the festival.  Also, cell signal may be spotty on the festival grounds and there will be no wifi provided, so please plan ahead and purchase your ticket prior to arriving.

Can I bring my children?

Ecstatic Forest is an adult-only festival. You must be 18 and up to purchase a ticket and be admitted.

How come I see a few children at the festival?

There will be a few select children of personnel on-site at the festival.  This does not invalidate our no children policy for purchasing tickets and attendance at the festival.

Will the ticket checkpoint close at night?

The ticketing checkpoint will be between the parking area and the festival grounds. The hours will be between 9 AM and 11:30 PM. You must arrive for the first time between those hours to check in and get your wristband. Once you have your wristband, you can come and go between the parking area and festival grounds 24/7 and there will be overnight security to check your wristbands as you pass by.

What is the full general admission ticket price?

Full-price 5-day/4-night general admission tickets are $333 + taxes and fees.  Since we believe that transformation takes time and we are creating a container for those that wish to heal, there will be no singe day or weekend passes offered at any point.

Can I bring my pet?

We love pets at Ecstatic Forest, but we also love an environment where people are free to express themselves.  We prefer that you leave your pets at home.  Pets will be allowed on a leash and owners will be responsible for picking up their pet’s waste.  Please bring your own waste bags.  Pet owners will need to sign an acknowledgement when checking in at the front gate.

Camping, Lodging, Cars, and Parking

What is the camping and lodging situation?

On-site tent camping is included in your general admission ticket.  You must bring your own equipment.  There are also car-side camping and van/RV camping upgrades available (see below).  The venue is only about 20 minutes from Austin so there are also many lodging options.  If staying offsite, be mindful of the car gate hours (see below).

What is the parking situation?

These are the required parking passes and vehicle camping upgrades.  A festival ticket purchase is required to get these add-ons.  You can do both purchases in one transaction.  Just add tickets here to the cart as well as your parking pass and then check out.  Add these items to your cart here.

Parking options and upgrades are as follows:

  • General Parking Pass ($20 plus fees) – Every car parking at the festival is required to have a parking pass and must park in the designated parking area.  We encourage carpooling to minimize our carbon footprint.  Fee is for the entire duration of the festival.
  • General Parking Pass + Carside Camping ($60 + fees) – Upgrade your parking pass and set up your tent near your vehicle in the designated parking area.  Great option if you have a more elaborate camping setup and don’t want to bring all of your camping gear inside the festival grounds.  Fee is for the entire duration of the festival.
  • General Parking Pass + Self-Contained RV Camping ($100 + fees) – Upgrade your parking pass to a self-contained van or RV set up in the designated parking area.  No electricity, water, or dump site will be provided.  Fee is for the entire duration of the festival.
  • General Parking Pass + RV Camping with Hookups ($180+ fees) – Upgrade your parking pass to a van or RV set up in the designated parking area with electricity and water hookups (sorry, no sewage or dumping).  Fee is for the entire duration of the festival.

Will the gates close at night?

There will be hours for the vehicle gate at night and we will update this question with the information.

Will I be able to drive my vehicle to the tent camping area to unload my camping gear and equipment?

No attendee vehicles will be allowed past the parking area. All equipment must be walked in. If you prefer to camp near your vehicle, a carside camping upgrade is available for $60 + fees (link below).