Ecstatic Forest Festival

Dance • Play • Learn • Create • April 19-23, 2023 • Texas


Main Stage

Dance, flow, and move through 5 hours of conscious music each night with the hottest DJ's and bands.


48 Transformational Workshops

Our curated 75-minute workshops allow you to dance, play, learn, and create


Ecstatic Forest Festival is a 5-day transformational festival with a dance and movement soul in the heart of Texas.  Heal, camp, and connect with friends while dancing, playing, learning, and creating in our unique 75-minute workshop offerings and celebrate each evening by the main stage with 5 hours of conscious dance music by some of the best artists around.

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Heal Through Movement


Yoga, Martial Arts, Cultural Dances, Free Expression, and more...
Danceshop - Ecstatic Forest Festival
Playshop - Ecstatic Forest Festival

Move With Others and Props


Acro Yoga, Partner Dances, Tantra, Poi, Bo Staff, Hula, Other Flow Arts, and more...