Ecstatic Forest Festival

Dance • Play • Learn • Create • April 19-23, 2023 • Elgin, Texas


Day Vibes

Dance, play, learn, and create in curated, heart-centered 75-minute workshops each day


Night Vibes

Celebrate with 5 hours of conscious music each night with the hottest DJ's and bands.


Forest Experiences

Explore the trees and river and find the flower power lounge, psychedelic speakeasy, and hammock valley


Find The Fairy Doors

Explore the forest and discover heart-warming treasures


See you in the forest!

Ecstatic Forest Festival is a 5-day transformational festival with a dance and movement soul in the heart of Texas. Heal, camp, and connect with friends while dancing, playing, learning, and creating in our unique 75-minute workshop offerings and celebrate each evening by the main stage with 5 hours of conscious dance music by some of the best artists around.

Join us at the breathtaking Spark River Ranch at Spiderwood Studios in Elgin, Texas. This 150-acre land is 25 minutes East of Austin and right on the majestic Colorado River. Explore the forest and discover the curated experiences and the nature.



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The Experiences

Ecstatic Forest 2023 Lineup

Dance and Play

Main Stage

Now that you have learned all these new inspirational ways to move your body, express yourself freely and openly every night with our amazing local and international artists bringing you the latest conscious frequencies.

Move and Heal


Fulfill the Ecstatic Forest mission by healing through movement. Explore your personal mind/body connection in your own space through new or familiar expressions such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Cultural Dances, Free Expression, and more...
Danceshop - Ecstatic Forest Festival
Playshop - Ecstatic Forest Festival

Flow and Connect


Want to interact with others or flow props? Our Playshops are designed to inspire you to move interactively. Acro Yoga, Partner Dances, Tantra, Poi, Bo Staff, Hula, Other Flow Arts, and more? Yes, please!

Relax and Learn


Sit back and relax while growing intellectually, mindfully, and spiritually. This space is dedicated to non-interactive workshops where you can take a break from moving.
Ecstatic Forest Thinkshops
Ecstatic Forest Createshops

Participate and Create


Our new Createshops are an opportunity for you to find a new creative outlet or participate in one of your favorites. Make art, crafts, music, poetry, and more!