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wed17apr(apr 17)2:00 pmsun21(apr 21)2:00 pmDragonfly Fest 20242:00 pm - 2:00 pm (21)(GMT-05:00) Event TypeFestivalCityAustin, TexasAudienceEveryone Event Organized ByUnique Mindful Events


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    • April 17, 2024
    • 2:00 PM Gate Opens
    • 8:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Divine Feminine Opening Ceremony8:00 PM- 8:45 PM
      Speakers: AsiRiana Rasa, LALALOVE, Shantiji Shivaya, Subina Spirit
    • 9:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance: AsiRiana Ascension and Daniel with the Balance9:00 PM- 11:30 PM
      Speakers: AsiRiana Rasa
    • 12:00 AM [Rhythmic Flame] Latenite Lyrics with Lauryn and Ybub12:00 AM- 4:00 AM
      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera
    • April 18, 2024
    • 8:00 AM [Mindfulness Meadow] FlowState Yoga: Awaken8:00 AM- 9:15 AM

      This 75-minute gentle yoga class is designed to meet and orient you with your unique body in the present moment. Whether this is the first yoga class-- or you're a seasoned practitioner, step into your skin & start the day-- and the festival-- living fully awake.

      Speakers: Sonia Azad
    • 10:00 AM [Transformation Temple] Dance of Life & Death- Rebirthing Ritual10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      A shamanic ritual experience where we break through the illusion of separation. Experience a conscious exploitation of death and move into a rebirthing seed dance.

      Speakers: Sovereignty Harmony Bliss
    • 10:00 AM [Purpose Patio] Journey from the Breath to the Heart10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      Exploring the power of our breath to guide us into our spiritual heart, known as Hridaya. Through breath and meditation we can access the wellspring of joy and peace, ever flowing within the ocean of love resting in the void of our heart space.

      Speakers: Your Medicine Man ForRest
    • 1:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Psychedelic Therapy: Theory and Blue Lotus Ceremony1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      Learn the theory of psychedelic therapy then experience it while listening to live flute music and wearing a blindfold, followed by a short group integration.

      Speakers: Ryan McLaren
    • 1:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Slower is Better - Connecting to the Universe Through Tai Chi1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      In a society that screams to go faster, consume endlessly, and never still, Tai Chi offers a different perspective. A cultural practice of the East for thousands of years, the art of Tai Chi calls on us to slow and connect all things within our lives into a great wave by surrendering to the natural flow of oneself and the universe in return. To discover Wu Wei – devoid of performance, devoid of trying too hard, leaning fully into truth.

      Join Zoon as he guides you through the slow and deliberate movements that encourage us to drop into a space of freedom. Tai Chi is moving meditation. As you follow along, you may be surprised to discover how slowness actually contains an incredible amount of strength. Though a crouching tiger may seem docile at first, closer inspection makes us feel the aura and presence of one who does not need to advertise themselves or make themselves known. There is an inner sureness and groundedness that radiates like the sun itself. You will learn to connect to this power that resides within and be able to channel it into your lives.

      As we dance to the beautiful sounds of the Erhu, we connect ourselves to the pain and pleasure that is life, the highs and lows, the suffering and celebration. We allow the Ying and Yang to come into balance and to not shun either energy but rather acknowledge the beauty of its harmony in the grand play that is life.

      Speakers: Zoon Park
    • 1:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Create Your Own Oracle Card1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      In this createshop, you will create your very own oracle card (or 3!) as a token from your time at Dragonfly Fest. Feel free to keep your cards for your own use, or to gift to someone you've connected with.

      Speakers: Rebecca Brumfield
    • 3:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Who Am I? Self-Inquiry Meditation: Dispel Ignorance and Attain Heightened Self-Awareness3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      Join Shantiji, on a profound journey of self-discovery. Drawing from a quarter-century of transformative experiences during pilgrimages to India Shantiji shares the teachings of revered sages like Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Patañjali. Embrace the practice of self-inquiry meditation, which has shaped Shantiji's understanding of the non-dual self and influenced her unique approach to spiritual guidance. Discover the power of bhakti (devotion) as advocated by these sages, and learn how it can lead you to profound self-awareness and realization. This class offers a game-changing meditation experience, integrating self-inquiry and devotion to navigate the obstacles to enlightenment. Shantiji believes this combination is all one needs to ascend to their true "I AM" presence. Embark on this illuminating journey and unravel the mystery of your true self.

      Speakers: Shantiji Shivaya
    • 3:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Slacklining3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      Join in on a fun way to come into a meditative state of play. Balance, meditation and a lowkey workout. The majority of time will be getting used to the suspension of the line, but help from friends youll get some steps in! Ideal form and focal point will be introduced and then time for play.

      Speakers: Ren
    • 3:00 PM [Purpose Patio] WTF is Consent?3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      How can we build a smarter society if people are too afraid to have difficult conversations?
      Learn how to give and get consent so you can give and get what you want!

      Comedian Rasika Mathur moderates an audience Q&A with an expert in Safety & Consent (ideally Kayla Rodriguez, or another member of the Beyond Family). Then volunteers will be asked to participate with scripted demos to see what works and what doesn't. Finally, all will be invited to practice exercising their newfound conscious communication skills in pairs/trios while
      Rasika provides color commentary and walks around with a bell & buzzer. Guaranteed to be informative and entertaining.

      Speakers: Kayla, Rasika
    • 5:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Staff Spinning5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      We will cover 5 fundamental moves to spinning a staff. Hip reels, forward figure 8, reverse figure 8, rotary, & fountain.

      Then, how to transition into each move, creating a constant flow.

      Speakers: Alex Snyder
    • 5:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Yoga Your Soul To Your Money5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      Do you know what's behind all your behaviors and decisions around money? Are you curious about what money stories you tell yourself every day? Would you like to witness your soul dancing with your money energy? This "Yoga your Soul to your Money" workshop is to create a safe and unjudged space for self discovery of deepest money scripts to experience liberation and transformation by brining them to light. Workshop format includes guided meditation on money, open sharing of your experiences, journaling of your money stories and heart's desires, etc. and it will be fun!

      Speakers: Danqin Fang
    • 8:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Soulset: Ecstatic Nap8:00 PM- 8:45 PM
      Join the entire community in an epic bonding session.  Experience permissive touch and snuggle with your new friends as we all drop in together before the ecstatic dance for the evening.
      Speakers: Al Jameson, DC
    • 9:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set by LALALOVE9:00 PM- 11:30 PM
      Speakers: LALALOVE
    • 11:30 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set by Cynesthesia11:30 PM- 2:00 AM
      Speakers: Chelsee Cynesthesia
    • 2:00 AM [Rhythmic Flame] Latenite Lyrics with Lauryn and Ybub2:00 AM- 4:00 AM
      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera
    • April 19, 2024
    • 8:00 AM [Mindfulness Meadow] FlowState Yoga: Soulful Stretch Circle8:00 AM- 9:15 AM

      Begin the day with mindful and respectful connection with fellow festival goers. This 75-minute session gives us an opportunity to share the gift of movement in a playful and exploratory way with others. You will leave having received the gifts of understanding how you move not just alone-- but in your relationships and your communities.

      Speakers: Sonia Azad
    • 10:00 AM [Transformation Temple] Insights and Conversation with The Beloved (A Channeled Conversation)10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      Join us for a conversation with The Beloved, a group of channeled guides. The Beloved are known for their unique take on the future of our planet and for bringing through a powerful energetic resonance as part of their messages. A number of audience members will be chosen to share their questions and receive insight on behalf of the group, so please prepare a question or two in advance.

      Speakers: Haylie Agapetos
    • 10:00 AM [Mindfulness Meadow] Double Staff10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      Introduction to double staff. Same-time & Split-time, isolations, & anti spins.

      Speakers: Alex Snyder
    • 10:00 AM [Purpose Patio] Healing Sound Bath, Inner Child Healing, & Discover Your Bliss!10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      Mandelyn will lead you in a healing sound bath meditation, along with a guided mediation to heal your inner child, and determine all of the things that bring you joy, happiness, contentment, and amusement to write down in a list to take home with you!

      Speakers: The Street Angel
    • 1:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Sensual Introduction to Tantra1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      Tantra is the technology to recognize the divine in yourself and others. Join us to learn how we can use use sound, breath, movement, emotions and touch to worship the divine in ourselves and others.
      We will create a safe container with consent training and agreements. There will be optional non-sexual touch exercises in this workshop.

      Speakers: Naughty Monkey
    • 1:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Where Illusion Meets Flow: Buugeng Workshop1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      This is a beginners workshop into basic buugeng practices and techniques. As buugeng is a very technical prop, this workshop will primarily focus on what you need to practice just starting out to develop the right habits and get the most out of the time you invest into the art. The techniques that will be taught are finger twirls, buugeng direction, and weaves.

      Speakers: Cameron Vaughn
    • 1:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Shamanic Tools and Rituals1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      Direct messages will be channelled for the group. Aiylah utilizes Tarot Cards and Angel Cards, as well as channels messages from the Angelic Realm, Guides, Faeires, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors. They both offer protection tools, as well as Divine Empowerment, as a bridge for the Spirit to do this Divine Work. Each session is unique, and your energy offers a beautiful marriage with whomever else is present for this Divine Play to unfold.

      Speakers: Aiylah and Takata
    • 3:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Revitalize with Dragonflies and the Celestial Dance of Awakenings! Yoga, Chant, Dance3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      Invite your magical self to the mystical empowering journey that synchronizes with one of the most pivotal celestial events of 2024 igniting a significant milestone ushering in the new aquarian age. This cosmic event offers collective awakenings and transformative shifts with three powerful cosmic portals wide open, inviting the dragonflies to weave their magic and deliver profound messages and revelations.

      Practice Kundalini Yoga, recharge your body and mind, and awaken your light body. Engage with the hi-vibed energies buzzing with new cosmic messages for you to download. What wants to emerge in your life? Discover and embody a new expansive expression of you.

      Chant and integrate your authentic cosmic identity, and align your energy for personal growth, joy, and prosperity. Shift your frequency onto a new timeline for your abundance and bliss!

      Dance and celebrate with your tribal family, you're a conduit made of earth and stars. Experience the flow of energy resonating and brightening your light body. Expand your manifesting capacity, sharing and grounding your new intentions with Mother Gaia. Activate your gateway for the inflow of limitless wisdom seeking to collaborate with you from the cosmos.

      Embrace this opportunity to reimagine yourself, and all you bring to the world. Transform with yoga, chant, and dance with an electro-organic beat-driven soundscape, in the spirit of the dragonfly, and the epic energies of this cosmic alignment.

      Speakers: Kalyan Darshan
    • 3:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Intro to Dance Lifts3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      Fun dance lifts don't have to be hard! Lift your partner up with some beginner accessible moves. After all, no one puts Baby in the corner!

      Speakers: Fadi Hamdan
    • 3:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Interactive Vocal Jam3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      What can we create when we bring all of our voices together in unison? In this workshop we will explore techniques to warm up our voice and share sound space in an improvisational vocal jam. Bring your unique tone, rhythm, melody, harmony, & cadence together to create a collective sound offering.

      Speakers: Chelsee Cynesthesia
    • 5:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Guided Bollywood Dance: Release and Flow5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      This transformational workshop is a step by step guided experience. No prior dance experience is required. Tap into your own power of self expression that makes you your special kind of unique.

      Bring your drama, bring your bling, bring your dancing shoes and Come let’s play!

      Preet will take you through the journey of being in expression of the elements, relationships, experiences, some mime all to find a way to dance your story powerfully to release the past, stand in the present with all your power and celebrate the future.

      Speakers: Manpreet Sangha
    • 5:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Where Bodies Meet: Acro Yoga and Contact Improv5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      Every time we make contact, physical connection with another, it's a leap of faith. Acro Yoga has that leap of faith built into the practice, demanding that we surrender to the experience and fly within a shared trust field. With that trust field firmly established, a container of greater safety is created, so we can meet one another more deeply through the communicative act and dance of Contact Improv.

      In this playshop, Matt The Poet and Brandi-Tyann will walk the participants through the sky-bound practice of Acro Yoga basics and therapeutics then ground that experience in the conversational dance of Contact Improv. Matt The Poet has been deeply immersed in the practice of Acro Yoga for over 6 years, while Brandi-Tyann brings her deeply rooted knowledge and experience as an Integrative Yoga Therapist. We will cultivate a shared field of Trust and Play for the participants to meet themselves and others in deeper ways, as we work our way through the basic and therapeutic elements of Acro Yoga. Then, we will open that trust field to the expansive-physical conversation of Contact Improv, inviting the participants to liberate their dance more fully within the safety of the container created. We will end with an integrative practice to allow the newly found lessons to land within the body.

      Speakers: Brandi-Tyann, Mat the Poet
    • 5:00 PM [Purpose Patio] I AM Journey Quantum Activation5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      I AM Journey is a deep soul journey within. I AM stands for “Inner Activated Magic” magic lives the presence of NOW. This is where creation and the most powerful manifestations are birthed. Slow way down and speed up for the quantum frequency of love. Connect with the temple of your body through the altar of your heart in a ceremonial experience. INoy a musical sound journey with a variety of instruments and channeled vocal activations.
      Give yourself “your cells” permission ” per your mission” to connect with the highest light of you, and allow your soul to shine fully through.
      Rewrite your story, INpower your highest self to bring in new revelations by activating the resting light codes in your DNA. Clear blocks you may have forgotten about, that are still a driving force in your life. Dissolve limiting beliefs, thought forms, and patterns that no longer serve the highest light of you. Connect deep into your bliss body, and birth in Unity consciousness. Activate wealth consciousness as you come back HOME “Heaven On Mother Earth” into the wholeness of your innermost BEing. Align your highest self with your current self.

      Speakers: Janaki and James
    • 8:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Soulset: Dance of the Elementals8:00 PM- 8:45 PM

      Align your body and spirit with the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. This Soul-Set utilizes mantras and movement to balance the elements within your body and spirit, ultimately leading to a harmonious and aligned state of being. It is designed to guide you through a transformative dance experience. It draws power from the universal, loving, and unique consciousness of nature, fire, water, air, and Shantiji’s favorite, the pure magic substance aether. Be amazed, be healed, be you.

      Speakers: Shantiji Shivaya
    • 9:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set by MARC9:00 PM- 11:30 PM
    • 11:30 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set by Jade Rings11:30 PM- 2:00 AM
    • 2:00 AM [Rhythmic Flame] Latenite Lyrics with Lauryn and Ybub2:00 AM- 4:00 AM
      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera
    • April 20, 2024
    • 8:00 AM [Mindfulness Meadow] FlowState Yoga: Mellow Mat8:00 AM- 9:15 AM

      Ease into the day with a blend of breath work and movement to restore and optimize balance in the physical and energetic bodies as well as in the mind. This 75-minute class will include a body of breathing exercises, yin and yang movement and finishes with a unique meditation experience.

      Speakers: Sonia Azad
    • 10:00 AM [Transformation Temple] Becoming The Altar: Sacred Shibari Healing10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      Step into an immersive experience as we explore the dimensions of conscious kink in Sex Sorcery & Spirit: Sacred Shibari Healing. This workshop goes beyond the physical, tapping into emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and non-physical realms. Join us in a sacred space where consent, trust, and communication are the cornerstones of our exploration. A playful journey as we weave together the artistry of Shibari with the essence of love. In this safe and sacred space, we'll intertwine the threads of connection, exploring the sensual dance of ropes guided by conscious intention.

      Guided by the spirit of conscious kink, this space is more than just tying – it's a celebration of intimacy, a playful exploration of desires, and a shared journey into the depths of connection.

      A transformative workshop on conscious kink, where you can integrate the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and non-physical dimensions of this ancient art form. An enriching exploration where consent, trust, and communication form the pillars of your experience. Discover the profound potential of conscious kink in fostering healing, self-discovery, and authentic expression.

      Speakers: Melanin Lion
    • 10:00 AM [Mindfulness Meadow] Tapping Into Flow - A Beginner's Poi Workshop10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      This is a beginners workshop on 2 poi techniques. The tricks that will be the primary focus will be weaves and how they can turn into fountains. This workshop will provide attendees with practice techniques, as well as beginner steps to work into more technical moves such as anti-spins or isolations.

      Speakers: Cameron Vaughn
    • 10:00 AM [Purpose Patio] Raw & Real: Exploring Intimacy with Compassionate Conversations10:00 AM- 11:15 AM

      In this Sacred Circle Discussion, we will delve into the depths of compassionate communication, as we navigate the intricacies of intimacy and sexual connection. Through edgy yet nurturing discussions, we will cultivate a safe space to embrace honesty, vulnerability, and empathy. Explore the intersections of intimacy and compassion, and leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and others. ♥

      Speakers: LALALOVE
    • 1:00 PM [Transformation Temple] A Sensual and Intimate Guide to Contact Improv1:00 PM- 2:15 PM


      Mixing a love for sensual touch and joyous celebration of body and all things dance/contact improv Stephan leads a deep dive into one on one contact improvisation. Rolling, twisting, breathing and connecting join a hot and heavy look at what makes dance so electric and how we can use lessons on the dance floor to improv foreplay and sexual interaction.

      Bringing a partner is strongly preferred. Come ready for an open dialogue about consent, sexual safety, dance safety and trauma. ...... and... We're going to have so much fun breaking through boundaries and learning about ourselves, our dance and our partners!!!!

      Speakers: Stephan Gaeth
    • 1:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Dragonfly Diaries: Intentional Practice for Transformation1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      This class combines information based on the current moon and zodiac season, tarot, meditation, visualization, journal prompts, guidance for writing your own personal and transformational affirmations, and a ritual to properly send these affirmations out into the universe.

      Speakers: Cheyenne Darden
    • 1:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Soul Song: Vocal Activation & Ancestral Sound1:00 PM- 2:15 PM

      Tribal rhythm building and vocal liberation. When community comes together to sing, we can heal collectively and activate of remembrance of who we are. The more we connect our heart to our Truth, we as a people can be the VOICE for change. We will support each other as we move out of fear into freedom of true, raw Soul expression.

      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera
    • 3:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Move Your Hips Like A Bellydancer3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      If you have hips, come learn to use them! All genders welcome. You will learn several body isolations associated with classical and modern day bellydance. After a meditative warmup, participants will learn proper posture and technique for executing big juicy hip movements while protecting the back and knees. We will drill various isolations to enhance the mind-body connection, with extra focus given to our sacral, solar plexus, and heart areas. We will then engage in a group follow the leader style “game” to practice these movements while attuning our senses to others, moving in synchronization with coordination and grace.

      Speakers: Subina Spirit
    • 3:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] The People's Poetry3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      We might not all feel like poets but our words are still powerful, beautiful and worthy of being shared. Join experienced poet and creative Stephan has he leads you through simple structure in creating and generating poetry.

      Bring a paper and pen and a creative mind.

      Speakers: Stephan Gaeth
    • 3:00 PM [Purpose Patio] KAP: Kundalini Activation Process3:00 PM- 4:15 PM

      KAP is a direct energy transmission of life force energy and non-dual states of consciousness that activates the process of Kundalini awakening.

      KAP is a practice of surrender, where participants learn how to relax deeper and let go of the thinking mind to receive higher states of consciousness. In a KAP session, spontaneous movements can and do arise, as the energy clears energetic and emotional blockages. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realizations. The inner journey varies from having a profound energetic to emotional experience. Even though clients might go through deep healing and have strong experiences on a spiritual level, the focus in KAP is the embodiment of the spirit force and the shifts it brings in your consciousness.

      In a session, participants lie down on a yoga mat. Curated music is played to take you on a journey. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on the body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story… What's important is the shifts that happen in your life after session.

      Participants typically report experiencing

      ▫️ ecstatic, bliss states

      ▫️deep insights or realizations

      ▫️strengthened intuition

      ▫️shifts in perception of reality

      ▫️more clarity, developed senses

      ▫️capacity to feel more deeply

      ▫️deeper states of consciousness

      ▫️a sense of purpose, inner knowing

      ▫️deeper connection to yourselves

      ▫️living with a more open heart

      ▫️experiencing non-dual states or oneness…

      the list goes on.

      Speakers: Julia Eske
    • 4:20 PM [Grandfather Tree] 420 Grandfather Tree Meditation4:20 PM- 4:40 PM
      Speakers: Shantiji Shivaya
    • 5:00 PM [Transformation Temple] How To Be Multi-Orgasmic5:00 PM- 6:15 PM
      Speakers: ScottieO McClure
    • 5:00 PM [Mindfulness Meadow] Magic Hula Hoops5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      This is a workshop that combines breathing , stretching and a lot of hula hooping. The interesting aspect is these hula hoops are hand made by me , with some added magic inside. Therefore, these hula hoops are healing tools. As the music flows , the portals are open and transformation can begin.

      Speakers: LyRic
    • 5:00 PM [Purpose Patio] Sacred Hape5:00 PM- 6:15 PM

      Hape is a sacred snuff, made by indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Composed of dried medicinal plants and tree ashes. It is powerfully cleansing and grounding, used to move through stagnant energies and purifying. It is important to approach Hape/Rape with respect as an honored sacrament of its native roots and intentional use.

      Benefits: You will experience a new sense of clarity, grounded connection to your body. Cleanses respiratory tract, breaks up congestion, supports digestive system, calms overwhelming thoughts. Relaxed and peaceful presence, cleared from dense energies.

      Receiving Hape / Side Effects: Set your intention prior to receiving, connect with your body welcoming the medicine. Individuals sensitivity and dosage will influence experience. Physical or emotional purging may happen to some individuals, everyone processes differently. Remain sitting up through initial 15 minutes in meditation. Open to the powerful groundedness this medicine brings into your presence.

      Speakers: Yelitza
    • 8:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Soulset: Four Elements Cacao Ceremony8:00 PM- 8:45 PM
      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera, Yelitza
    • 9:00 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set by Cornflower9:00 PM- 11:30 PM
    • 11:30 PM [Transformation Temple] Ecstatic Dance Set By Yawei11:30 PM- 2:00 AM
    • 2:00 AM [Rhythmic Flame] Latenite Lyrics with Lauryn and Ybub2:00 AM- 4:00 AM
      Speakers: Lauryn Rivera
    • April 21, 2024
    • 11:11 AM [Transformation Temple] Closing Circle11:11 AM- 12:00 PM
      Speakers: Al Jameson, DC

Entertainers and Presenters

  • Aiylah and Takata

    Aiylah and Takata

    Thinkshop Presenters

    Aiylah Lisa Valkyrie
    Is an Ordained Minister, an E-RYT 500, Reiki Master, Angelic Channel for Isis and the Divine Feminine. Her motivation is to remain a clear and pure channel of Light for the Angelic, Goddess Isis and the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies of Sofia/Christ consciousness.
    Her ‘why’ is to empower others to find their passion, purpose, platform and potential in the world so that together we may create all the Freedoms of Time, Health, Wealth, Location, as well as adventure, joy and magick!
    Author, Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle
    Founder, Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs
    Inner Goddess Retreats non-profit
    Temple of the Sacred Heart Church

    Takata AKA DJ Sun Ray
    Is an LMT, 500 RYT, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and DJ. She empowers others to achieve balance within the 4 bodies utilizing drums, rattles, and voice, blending coaching, Light Language, yoga, massage, & Reiki. She works with Plant Medicine and the energy of Ra in the Divine Masculine. Founder, Inner Goddess Retreats & Temple of the Sacred Heart.

    DJ SunRay, Shamanic Psy Chill Electro

    Ceremony Facilitator
    Inner Goddess Retreats, Inc.
    Temple of the Sacred Heart Church
    Star Seed Family Foundation non profit

    In Jamie’s own words:
    “It comes back to walking my own truth. My truth is that my life path journey has been joined by the love I have been seeking and waiting for all of my lives, my twin, the yin to my yang, the Shakti to my Shiva. The activation within Self brought on by this Union has led me to and beyond my Highest Self. Finding oneness within, only to find the next step to be one within union with Other. I am a medicine woman working in both Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. I have walked and continue to walk my guided Sacred Path, sharing my Truth to be expressed into the world.”

    Thinkshop Presenters

  • Al Jameson, DC

    Al Jameson, DC

    Founder - Dragonfly Fest

    Unique Mindful Events

    Al Jameson is a
    mindful event coach, transformational festival organizer, and yoga
    instructor.  Contributing to and hosting
    transformational events has become his calling. 
    He has been in the event industry for over 15 years.  Al noticed so many amazing conscious
    community leaders with beautiful offerings that were missing practical
    guidance, tools, and support in turning mindful events into a sustainable
    endeavor, so he founded Unique Mindful Events, an online mindful event coaching
    and ticketing service, to support the community.  When he’s not at a festival, Al is traveling
    in his van, hiking in nature, playing board games, or singing karaoke.


    Founder - Dragonfly Fest

  • Alex Snyder

    Alex Snyder

    Playshop Presenter

    Alex Snyder, or Zinja, is the founder of RadiantSolz Entertainment LLC out of Dallas, TX. He’s been an actor/performer for 15+yrs in the haunted house industry but has transitioned into performing flow arts over the last 3yrs. His prop of choice is the contact staff but is also proficient in double staves, dragonstaff, fire breathing, fire eating, and other specialty performances. For the first year and a half of picking up spinning he drilling speed staff techniques daily and found a natural adaptation to the prop.

    Playshop Presenter

  • AsiRiana Rasa

    AsiRiana Rasa

    Ecstatic Dance DJ

    AsiRiana Rasa is an artist, producer, DJ, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, transformational coach and a lightworker. As a survivor with 2 NDE, her mission became very clear, utilizing all her gifts and experiences to help others heal, and to transform their lives. She has facilitated many Sound Bath, Ecstatic Dance and healing circles. She’s also been featured in various festivals and events.

    Formerly an accomplished recording artist and a performer pursuing her success in mainstream music industry, a sudden tragedy and incidents have led her to severe depression, hearing loss and nearly losing her voice, unable to perform for a very long time. During her soul searching and recovery, she later discovered holistic healing modalities such as energy healing and got fascinated especially with sound healing. AsiRiana was convinced and took it to heart from Edgar Casey’s quote “Sound will be the medicine of the future” and Terrance McKenna’s quote “The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. If artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”

    She actively hosts and facilitate sound bath and healing events beside coaching and private healing sessions.


    Ecstatic Dance DJ

  • Brandi-Tyann


    Playshop Presenter

    Matt The Poet and Brandi-Tyann Kegley host a great deal of somatic-facilitating experience, teaching regular classes and playshops. Expanding the physical vocabulary and integrating play are at the heart of what they do. Growth, initiated by passing through the thresholds of limitation, both physically and mentally, leave their participants feeling accomplished, and a light and encouraging atmosphere encourages joy-filled-flow experiences that keep them engaged. Matt The Poet has been deeply immersed in the practice of Acro Yoga for over 6 years, while Brandi-Tyann brings her deeply rooted knowledge and experience as an Integrative Yoga Therapist.
    Ultimately, they create a safe-fun-filled experience that enriches the lives of those that participate.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Cameron Vaughn

    Cameron Vaughn

    Playshop Presenter

    I have been practicing poi and buugeng for about 9 years and have many years of experience teaching various flow and prop manipulation. I facilitate classes at a psychiatric hospital where I work as well as other festivals and events. I also have been facilitating guided mindfulness meditations, and sensory sound healing sessions for the past 7 years.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Chelsee Cynesthesia

    Chelsee Cynesthesia

    Createshop Presenter/ Ecstatic Dance DJ

    Painting dance floors with sweet melodies using palates of bass, house, dnb & techno, Cynesthesia is a vocalist / DJ from the Rocky Mountains of Canada based in DFW. She is a resident DJ at Dallas Movement Collective with deep roots in West Coast electronic music culture. Recently she has shared lineups with Atyya, Poranguí, Plantrae, and Yaima.

    Createshop Presenter/ Ecstatic Dance DJ

  • Cheyenne Darden

    Cheyenne Darden

    Thinkshop Presenter

    “We are The Night Sun. Our mission is to illuminate the dark…. encourage, heal, empower, and evolve humanity by fostering balance and resiliency of the mind-body-spirit. We accomplish this by providing practical yet powerful education and resources on how to manage stress, heal trauma, find peace, purpose, encouragement, or whatever else you need along your journey in this fast-changing world. Types of education and resources we provide include an online resource-library, mentoring, in-person and online classes, community events, prayer and intentional energy, networking, and more. The Night Sun is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created in 2020 by best friends Cheyenne Darden “”Chy”” and Christina Frost “”O””.

    Serving professionally for 16 years as a cardiovascular sonographer, Cheyenne, or “Chy” loves caring for each patient’s heart: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. On a humbling journey to heal herself, Chy became a registered yoga teacher, focusing on healing trauma and maintaining healthy nervous system function. She has a passion for people, nature, theology, spirituality, and phenomenology (the study of consciousness). Her passion and gift for dream interpretation stems from when she was a child and is her most loved God-given talent. She is also currently studying for certifications in somatic healing, mindfulness coaching, pranayama, and ritual guidance. Cheyenne’s compassion and desire to connect with and serve others led to the co-creation and co-founding of The Night Sun.

    Christina, or “O” co-created and co-founded The Night Sun with Chy after gifting her a moon journal, which led to the manifestation of this organization. She became certified as a dance and fitness instructor in 2009 and has served as an HR/Talent professional in the healthcare industry since 2014, recently leaving the corporate domain to serve in the start-up realm. Often going by the epithet “The Research Mama” coined by a dear friend, she has a deep love of learning and there are few subjects that escape her interest. She is a trained Ritual Guide, certified in Yoga Nidra and Trauma Informed Yoga, and is currently studying for certifications in pranayama (breathwork) coaching and ayurvedic nutrition. Along this sacred journey through life, she has recognized her heart’s desire is to spread joy, heal and hold space, and serve others on their sacred paths to realizing their divine wholeness.

    Read about our somatic healing class offering here:

    If the fit is better for the fest, we could also offer a workshop called “”Dragonfly Diaries””. This class combines information based on the current moon and zodiac season, tarot, meditation, visualization, journal prompts, guidance for writing your own personal and transformational affirmations, and a ritual to properly send these affirmations out into the universe.”


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Danqin Fang

    Danqin Fang

    Thinkshop Presenter

    She is obsessed with her parakeet BB. They dance together every day to EDM: one flies in the air and one moves on the floor. The serious finance world and personal struggles pointed her to the direction of mindfulness around money scripts. She is passionate to spread her learning of connecting souls to money. Want to discover and transform your money scripts? Come check out this “Yoga your Soul to your Money” workshop!

    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Fadi Hamdan

    Fadi Hamdan

    Danceshop Presenter

    The only time Fadi stands still is when he’s holding a handstand. When not inverted on his hands, he is most likely on his back sharing one of his latest Acro creations with flyers. Fadi’s passion for Acro and meticulous attention to detail and technique got him into teaching and he’s been doing so since 2013, from small privates to national festivals. He is very active on instagram as @acromegaman with new creations and flows. Fadi is an AcroRevolution certified teacher and never misses opportunities to grow and learn.

    Danceshop Presenter

  • Haylie Agapetos

    Haylie Agapetos

    Thinkshop Presenter

    A trance channel who began bringing through insight from guides in 2021, Haylie channels messages from a group of high vibration beings known as “The Beloved.” The Beloved, who align their messages with Christ Consciousness, talk about things like how to bring more light through onto the physical plane, important ways to uplevel your vibration for the new age, and how to transmute the old into the new. Audience interaction is an important part of each channel session, with a variety of questions chosen for answers from The Beloved.

    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Janaki and James

    Janaki and James

    Zenshop Presenters

    “Janaki is an Agent of Change and an Alchemist of Well-BEing. She stands strongly for restoring our power back into love. She has mastered, and continues to master many of her perceived weaknesses, now turned into her great strengths. Janaki is referred to as a quantum activator. She supports people in rewriting their stories and live their light of glory. She joyfully alchemizes wounds into wisdom. She lights up offering star seeds a vehicle of opportunity to come HOME “Heaven On Mother Earth” in your body. INbracing the wholeness and fullness of your innermost BEing! AwakeIN and Align your highest self with your current self.


    Zenshop Presenters

  • Julia Eske

    Julia Eske

    “Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) is a path of surrender. As you let go and allow transmission of kundalini and non-dual states of consciousness take you on a journey, you may unlock a new depth of your being and reconnect with the divine in a new way. An awakened Kundalini body is a bridge to take you deeper into consciousness and a bridge from your consciousness also back into more life.

    Venant Wong is a founder of KAP and he handpicked students to teach and train to transmit this unique blend of energies. Julia Eske and Samantha Advincula are some of those trained facilitators, who will be holding the session and provide you with an experience of gradual awakening of kundalini. They walk a path of surrender to the divine, within and without, and committed to holding a safe space for people to awaken to their truth and activate their inner power.”


  • Kalyan Darshan

    Kalyan Darshan

    Danceshop Presenter

    Meet Kalyan Darshan, musical mystic stargazer, peace-maker and soulful trailblazer. Embodying the vitality of a Kundalini Yogini, and emanating the wisdom of the celestial rhythms, Kalyan Darshan is inspired to inspire. Transcending the ordinary, with an authentic love of humanity, her journey transforms lives, nurturing and celebrating our collective evolution as we enter Age of Aquarius.

    With an extensive background as a kundalini and somatic yoga teacher, astrologer, meditation and mantra guide, Kalyan Darshan facilitates immersive transformational events. Since their beginnings in 2014, these soul-awakening, revitalizing, dynamic journeys are uniquely created for tribal gatherings, festivals, and hi-energy astrological events, all dedicated to supporting and celebrating the conscious awakening of humanity.


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Kayla


    Thinkshop Presenter

    Thinkshop Presenter



    Thinkshop Presenter/Ecstatic Dance DJ

    LALALOVE is a multi-modality Artist, Bodyworker, Ceremonialist, Embodiment Alchemist, Intimacy Activist, & Life Enthusiast! She shines with a passion for all things connection, transformation, and pleasure. Her greatest embodiment in this life is as a sacred space holder, helping to shine a light of reflection for others to remember their Worthiness, Aliveness, and Holy-Wholeness. Guided by pleasure, she invites you to “Let the Juicy Feed Your Soul!” ♥


    Thinkshop Presenter/Ecstatic Dance DJ

  • Lauryn Rivera

    Lauryn Rivera

    Createshop Presenter

    “Soul Song: Vocal Activation & Ancestral Sound. When community comes together to sing, we can heal collectively and activate of remembrance of who we are. The more we connect our heart to our Truth, we as a people can be the VOICE for change. We will support each other as we move out of fear into freedom of true, raw Soul expression.

    Soul Song Workshop
    Fire Side singing
    Cacao Ceremony “

    Createshop Presenter

  • LyRic


    Playshop Presenter

    Peace , I’m LyRic Da Fairy Godmotha. I am a light worker which simply means I intentionally strive to make the world a better place by simply living in my truths. I remember having dark times. I remember being sad and feeling hopeless. But somewhere on my healing journey , I realized I wanted to share these tools with others. And that’s where my purpose began. I found magic in playing outside , freeing my mind and being honest with the pain. In the activities I offer and my inventory of the store , I share with you , many of the things I have grown to love. I teach & share because it saved it from me & maybe it will save you from you. A fairy God motha comes into your simply to sprinkle a little magic in your life. I have been in business over 5 years , I have traveled and shared with many. Between my hula hoops and my Waistbeads I make my product by hand with 100% love.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Manpreet Sangha

    Manpreet Sangha

    Danceshop Presenter

    “Preet is a holistic health coach, LMT, Kundalini yoga teacher and an Ayurveda specialist. She conducts wellness retreats and meditation camps at her home studio in Katy Texas and in her village in India. She is vending here as well! Ayurveda massage and treats! She welcomes a visit from all and is happy to share and engage from the heart… find her before the workshop if you have any questions.
    Also, speak to her about the India Trip for December 2024! Preet is ecstatic about it!

    She is passionate about creating joy with community home with Aum🙏🏼
    Sangha Yogyurveda is her holistic wellness initiative. Her vision is to create Sat-Sangha ; community space that come from the spirit of love, joy and togetherness. “

    Danceshop Presenter

  • Mat the Poet

    Mat the Poet

    Playshop Presenter

    Matt The Poet and Brandi-Tyann Kegley host a great deal of somatic-facilitating experience, teaching regular classes and playshops. Expanding the physical vocabulary and integrating play are at the heart of what they do. Growth, initiated by passing through the thresholds of limitation, both physically and mentally, leave their participants feeling accomplished, and a light and encouraging atmosphere encourages joy-filled-flow experiences that keep them engaged. Matt The Poet has been deeply immersed in the practice of Acro Yoga for over 6 years, while Brandi-Tyann brings her deeply rooted knowledge and experience as an Integrative Yoga Therapist.
    Ultimately, they create a safe-fun-filled experience that enriches the lives of those that participate.

    Playshop Presenter

  • Melanin Lion

    Melanin Lion

    Playshop Presenter

    Children of the Sun, bearers of ancient wisdom encoded in the depths of their Melanin, embody the essence of all creation. In the tapestry of our souls, the Melanin holds the key to reawakening ancestral knowledge. Lion, from his earliest days, felt an unyielding yearning to immerse himself in the untamed embrace of nature. Returning home, marked by the wilderness, battered yet infused with the scent of trees, grass, and sweat – the fragrance of the wild embedded in his very being. Lion’s journey has been a continuous response to this primal call.
    With a heart tuned to the rhythm of the wild, Lion intertwines a passion for the untamed with a profound love for herbs. His story unfolds against a backdrop of wild landscapes, psychology, astrology, and the rich tapestry of African and Cherokee culture, all threads woven into a vibrant connection with the Higher Self. Lion, guided by the footprints left by Ancestors, navigates a path toward oneness, offering products infused with the spirit of the wilderness and the healing essence of herbs.


    Playshop Presenter

  • Naughty Monkey

    Naughty Monkey

    Playshop Presenter

    Naughty Monkey is a Tantra Permissionist. Born and raised in India. He found Tantra in Austin and it has been a big part of his healing from a divorce and learning the Art of Intimacy with self, others and the universe.


    Playshop Presenter

  • Rasika


    Thinkshop Presenter

    “Rasika Mathur is a funny, warm, empathic Spirit. She is one of those people strangers open up to on an airplane. An avid camper and hiker, she lives for new adventures with her best friend and familiar, Zephyr the Wonder Dog.

    Always a gifted comedy writer throughout her school years in Alief, and a graduate of the College of Communication at UT Austin, Rasika got to flex her funny as an improv comedienne on 7 seasons of MTV’s Wild N Out, write and produce a musical comedy album called, “”The Sari (W)rap,”” write and produce an award-winning one-show show called, “”Hey Hollywood, My Hustle Has ADHD”” and is most recently producing her first heartwarming, comedic short film entitled “”Assist,”” starring herself and her actual mom.

    At Rasika’s first Ecstatic Forest Festival in 2023, she made fast friends with a few of the folks also cleaning up the wreckage the morning after the storm. She was invited to their camp – The Squish Lounge! – in the daytime and fell in love with their antics. She returned at night – hoping to continue the silly shenanigans, only to trip over a pile of writhing bodies. WTF!? Where did her friends go?! Oh, there they are, at the bottom of the pile, licking each other’s nipples. The next morning, she was reassured by the incredible Kayla Rodriguez and educated about all things consent. She asked all kinds of questions. Members of the Beyond Club loved on Rasika so much, that she decided it was better to stay curious in order to grow as a person. The idea for this workshop was inspired by Rasika and Kayla’s conversations.”

    Thinkshop Presenter

  • Rebecca Brumfield

    Rebecca Brumfield

    Createshop Presenter


    Createshop Presenter

  • Ren


    With child like curiosity and a heart of kindness, they focus on mindfulness and creativity in a multitudes of ways.

  • Ryan McLaren

    Ryan McLaren

    Thinkshop Presenter

    Ryan McLaren cofounded Alchemystik, a social business which sells legal psychedelics and donates 100% of profit to psychedelic research & legalization.


    Thinkshop Presenter

  • ScottieO McClure

    ScottieO McClure

    “ScottieO is the founder and primary facilitator of Ecstatic Hearts. He is an internationally renowned Tantra Teacher and best-selling author who has touched millions of lives with his message of love. He has personally supported thousands of students manifesting their deepest desires, especially in their love lives, with both the wisdom of the ancients and modern self-evolvement techniques. His primary Tantra lineage is through Babaji Nagaraj.

    Ecstatic Hearts uses retreats, playshops, one-on-one coaching, online trainings, and Tantra Festivals, to improve every aspect of students’ lives so they are truly living with juicy excitement. ScottieO has an MBA and BBA, and has spent over $300K and invested 20 years in personal development and Tantra trainings. His training certifications and experiences include Landmark,
    Legacy, Lifespring, Millionaire Mind, Tony Robins, Success University, Gratitude, Millenium 3 Education, New Game, Totally Coached, International Coaching Federation, Better Business
    Bureau, Everyday Tantra, Tantra Heart, Tantric Hearts, Ipsalu International, One Taste, OWTF, Lessin’s School of Tantra, Source, ISTA, and Tribal Tantra.

    ScottieO is a best-selling co-author of “Passion: Living the Life You Love,” and featured in two films: “”The Answer to Everything”” and “”The Answer to Health.”” He has also been featured on
    media such as the Learning Channel, Daily Mail, Netflix, Men and Women’s Health, and the New York Post. His interviews in London and Germany have helped raise consciousness and connection for millions of people, and his message of love continues to grow.”


  • Shantiji Shivaya

    Shantiji Shivaya

    Zenshop Presenter

    Shantiji is a revered spiritual luminary with a profound commitment spanning three decades to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and meditation techniques in more than 35 countries. While her soul resonates with the tranquil timelessness of the Himalayas, Shantiji channels her unwavering passion towards illuminating the path to self-discovery for others through carefully curated retreats, transformative classes, and immersive workshops held at her sanctuaries nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Mt. Shasta, the sprawling 38-acre ranch in Lockhart, Texas, the vibrant city of Austin, and the serene surroundings of Bridgehampton, New York.


    Zenshop Presenter

  • Sonia Azad

    Sonia Azad

    Playshop Presenter

    “Sonia is an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and credentialed by Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. She holds a separate certification (RMT 200) as a meditation instructor trained in 23 lineages of meditation. She has practiced various disciplines of yoga and meditation for more than 20 years.

    Sonia’s passion is guiding beginners through their discovery of movement. A trained dancer and long-distance runner, Sonia’s gentle, alignment-based Vinyasa classes are the perfect cross-training grounds for athletes who may just be stepping into yoga classes for the first time. She believes that through consistent practice, students can translate the gifts discovered on the mat into living with more presence, patience, gratitude, and courage off the mat.

    Whether Sonia is teaching yin, restorative, or yoga for athletes, her classes are designed not to further aggravate the body, but instead to foster grounds for healing and opening — in the body and the mind. A lover of lifelong learning, Sonia has completed additional courses in Yin, AcroYoga, and Transformational Breathwork.”


    Playshop Presenter

  • Sovereignty Harmony Bliss

    Sovereignty Harmony Bliss

    Danceshop Presenter

    “Sovereignty Harmony Bliss aka Natasha Hornedo is a psychic medium, Tarot Reader, energy healer & Sacred Sexuality Educator. She has been awakened and connected to the spirit realm through a kundalini activation since birth. Her formal studies began in her early years through a devotion to the arts in dance, acting and movement. In the early 2000’s her studies focused on Various Esotertic teachings and wisdoms with formal certifications beginning in 2012 with a 200 Hour YTT in New York, and a 2014 LMT Certification in Austin, TX. She has gone on to continue her studies with over 3000 hours of CE and various certifications in relating modalities a full resume is available on her website

    For the Dragonfly Festival She is offering A 60 minute Tantric Kundalini Activation Workshop experience. This will be a A 60 minute Guided tantric ritual experience designed to activate your neurological connection to pleasure. You will be guided into a kundalini chakra activation that will clear and balance your energy through a somatic breath work journey. This will support you in either consciously tapping into your energy for the first time or deepening your connection and utilizing it for healing or creation.

    She will also be offering a 2 hour Alchemizing Sacred Rage workshop where we will first explore our relationship with rage and a transmission that will teach you on how to move the stagnant energy of rage from your body in order to access your own innate powers of creation. We will then move into a series of guided practices some solo some partnered that will allow you to alchemize the energy of rage into pure creative potential.”


    Danceshop Presenter

  • Stephan Gaeth

    Stephan Gaeth

    Danceshop and Createshop Presenter

    Stephan is an award winning dancer and choreographer, and renowned Texas creative. Poet, actor, palm reader and community organizer Stephan has been a powerhouse in his local area and enjoys helping whenever possible.


    Danceshop and Createshop Presenter

  • Subina Spirit

    Subina Spirit

    Danceshop Presenter

    “Subina Spirit is a classically trained fusion bellydancer, yogi, metaphysician, flow movement artist, trauma healer, mother, scientific researcher, traveler, and engineer based out of Austin, Texas. She loves integrating sensual movement with spirituality, channeling the divine through her physical body.

    She routinely teaches and performs at retreats and festivals worldwide, with a preference for audiences that are inclined towards love, peace, and spiritual mastery.

    She has actively practiced multiple forms of dance, yoga, and meditation for over 15 years while also maintaining a life in the “real world” as a mother with a corporate job. She is an avid learner and her self-mastery studies have included subjects such as tantra, embodied consent, shadow work, communication, Akashic records reading, mind reprogramming, spiritual development, chi/lifeforce/kundalini energy movement practices, and somatic trauma healing. She desires to share her passions and gifts to heal, inspire, and empower those in her presence.

    She finds joy and meaning in all of the beautiful messiness that is life. She’s a lover of beautiful weather, wild outdoor adventures, and transcendental experiences. “

    Danceshop Presenter

  • The Street Angel

    The Street Angel

    Zenshop Presenter


    Zenshop Presenter

  • Yelitza


    Zenshop Presenter

    “Yelitza is the founder of Ama Awakenings where she shares a mission for transformational awakening retreat experiences in South America Peru. Facilitated by Native wisdom keepers supported by ancestral integral ceremonies through master plant medicines for personal healing and consciousness expansion. With fundamental pillars of safety, compassion, radical self-awareness, and responsibility. Providing integrational tools, moving forward with clarity in empowered alignment.
    She locally shares intentional sacred spaces with Cacao, Hape. and Kambo ceremonies.

    Truth is found at home in the portal of our hearts. “

    Zenshop Presenter

  • Your Medicine Man ForRest

    Your Medicine Man ForRest

    Your Medicine Man ForRest is here to empower you into your deepest healing so you may break free to live your highest and brightest life. His teaching style is trauma-informed, gentle, soothing… he helps your nervous system and body to deeply rest, feeling the safety required to lean into removing blocks, releasing what no longer serves and making space for love, peace and joy to flow from within.

  • Zoon Park

    Zoon Park

    Playshop Presenter

    “Moving through so many different countries throughout his life, Zoon has learned to adapt and fuse the unique aspects of each new place and experience that came to him. To embrace the changes and allow ourselves to find the fun in dancing with life and it’s absurdity. Being a nomad, both in childhood and later as an adult through vanlife, Zoon has now found home in eastern Texas as he loves how lush and cultivating of life it is.

    Zoon believes that life can be so beautiful if we abandon the need to put on a mask to the world, to put down the need to be perfect, and rather start to view life as a big playground where we can learn and grown through the ups and downs and not shame any part of our journey. To unlearn the toxic positivity that somehow we always need to be flying high and to embrace that it’s okay to not always know where to flow, because there’s excitement in the uncertainty and in experimenting and building something new.

    See the magic in life again. If our hearts are tuned to gratitude, Zoon believes that all things, even the ones that tear at our hearts, can be a beautiful testament to the path of love that we take on this earth as spiritual beings. “


    Playshop Presenter