Empowerment Hall

We are energetic beings. Emotions are a form of energy. If we do not process and release emotions as they flow through us, they can get stuck in our energy field (the body) resulting in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease. Traditional Western society has not taught us how to use, process, express, and release emotions in a healthy way. This results in a wide range of suffering that manifests from the subconscious emotions held in the body. Bringing emotions from the subconscious to conscious awareness, and pinpointing the beliefs and mental patterns we have developed around them, helps us to heal from the inside out – removing the seed instead of trimming the weeds. Learn how to begin a dialogue with your emotions and use them as a guide to self-healing.

In addition to her presentation, you can find Zaia offering complimentary healing sessions and energy readings in the Zaia Soul booth.