YOUniverse Stage

The masks we wear to protect
us may over time imprison all we see.
Our masks may or may not protect us from “how we we are seen” but they often impair “what we see” as we look at life through them.
The friction that kneads between our best intentions and how those may be seen at worse can develop a hard shell that forms around the face of the true self.
During a multi sensory exhibition of film, prose, and storytelling we will learn to release the attachments to security, affection, and control. Then, by faith we fall into the whimsically scary pool of infinite human potential.
What do we see through the masks?
Do our masks protect us?
Could they limit our vision of who we are, how we move, and have our very being?
Are the questions that drive our time.
Marlon Hall
Marlon F. Hall is an anthropologist, artist, storyteller, and yogi who uses film, art-installations, salon dinner parties, and yoga to unearth beauty from brokenness.
Using anthropological practices he artfully tells better stories to people about people one project at a time.
He is the Director for Folklore Films, a Sourcing Innovation lecturing fellow at Leadership Education at Duke University, a lecturing catalyst at Princeton University, and a Yoga Teacher at Big Power Yoga.